Shabby Chic Inspiration For Your Living Room

There’s something comforting about a well-loved, slightly worn chair. It has been broken in, and it’s the most comfortable seat in the house. This shabby chic look is inviting and makes you feel warm and cozy.

However, shabby chic isn’t always about antique rustic furniture. It’s about patterns, colors, and fabrics. Done right, it can be minimalistic and elegant, or highly decorative and elaborate. It can be pricey or affordable, and the beautiful thing is, it’s all up to you. Here are some ideas for inspiration in your shabby chic living room.

Less Is More

Rustic comfort comes from a feeling of movement in the room. Furnish your living space with large sofas, soft chairs, and other pieces of furniture, without overdoing the accessories. Avoiding clutter helps to reduce stress, making your mind and your body feel freer.

There’s no need to go overboard with busy fabrics and excessive knick-knacks. If you do accessorize, keep it simple and subtle. A dim lamp, a classic book, or a soft blanket are perfect additions to a room that should calm the senses, not stimulate them.

You can also aim for a ‘less is more’ approach to your budget. Creating a quiet respite doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. The shabby chic style works well with reclaimed objects and antique furniture. You can mix and match styles to give it personality.

Soft palettes, pastels, and subdued accents work best when creating a tranquil space. Using accessories to give hints of pink, splashes of sage, or whispers of blue make the room pop without overwhelming the senses.

European Style

Shabby chic decor is reminiscent of English homes and French cottages. Bring a taste of your favorite European city into your home using fabrics that resemble the English countryside or a French farmhouse. Burlap throws, aged shutters, and other distressed decor give little hints of wide open spaces and green pastures.

Mix patterns like florals, polka dots, or damask for a sweet, mismatched look. A Victorian lampshade or Old World wall art makes you feel like you’re on a faraway retreat to your favorite home away from home overseas.


Pastel color palettes with whites and creams work best in shabby chic decor. Start with something neutral, and then work in your favorite pale blue, blush rose, or mint green.

Crisp white paired with aqua is relaxing and refreshing. Blues make you feel at home and mirror waves on the ocean. You can embrace nothing but serenity in a sea of white and blue, making for a soft yet vibrant look.

Rose color with floral patterns transform your shabby chic living room into a vintage oasis. Create slipcovers for old sofas and cover distressed furniture with blankets or pillows featuring pastel hues. It mimics welcoming spring blooms.

Patterns and Fabrics

Instead of focusing on color, you can obtain a shabby chic living room by choosing your favorite patterns and fabrics. Create a cozy living space using florals, stripes, gingham, or plaids. You can mix and match for a fun and eclectic feel.

Burlap and cotton create a contrasting but complimentary feel. When thinking about fabrics, also think about the composition of your accessories. Distressed wood, oxidized metal, and intricate inlays all make for a great addition to your shabby chic living room decor.

Relaxing and Quaint

These two words encapsulate the idea of shabby chic. Textures, patterns, and colors add depth and interest. Combining them appropriately matches your individual style and gives the feel that you need.

Narrow your focus on one of these ideas or combine several to emulate your personality and create the look you want. So many ideas are accessible and affordable, making them easy to recreate in your home. You most likely have furniture and accents on hand already that you can repurpose. If not, check out your nearest antique mall.

Make your living room a welcoming, shabby chic retreat by using these ideas or inventing your own. Your friends will envy your style, and you will never want to leave your favorite, most comfortable chair.