Fill Your Hallways with Dark Wall Decor

Sometimes decorating with dark colors is scary. Dark decor can be aggressive and sometimes dark paint colors can make a room feel small. However, dark decor can be very dramatic when done correctly. The right pieces in the right setting don’t loom over you like the evil overlord of interior design. They add warmth and comfort to your home.

Here are some ideas for filling your farmhouse with beautiful, dark decor. These pieces are sure to spark some inspiration and help you overcome your fear of decorating with boldness and audacity.


Think about the time of day you normally use the room. Primarily if you have a large soaking tub or a jetted bath, you may be using this room to relax in the evening with low lighting and a few candles. This is the perfect atmosphere for injecting a bit of dark decor to set the mood.

Try a dark plant stand and infuse a bit of greenery, which always pairs well with a wet environment. A mirror with a dark frame provides a sparkling reflection and makes the space look bigger, especially if it’s already cozy and intimate. You can also line the room or frame the tub with dark candles of your favorite scent, to make yourself more comfortable.

Even if you’re too scared to go the fully dark route, using a checkerboard theme can help brighten up the bathroom you use every morning to get ready. When the sun first comes up, it reflects off of the lighter pieces, illuminating the dark. When accented with a few bright colors like floral vases, towels, or toiletry accessories, you wake up every day to something very cheerful.


Dark cabinet colors can help your accessories and china patterns pop. Don’t be intimidated by bold colors for either your cabinets or your kitchen island. In fact, painting your island a different color than the rest of your cabinets adds dimension to your otherwise monotone paint scheme.

Dark blue works well against light cabinet colors. If you already have dark cabinets, try a splash of color like yellow or teal to brighten it up. These dark colors work especially well if you have stainless appliances or white dishes. They provide some contrast and make your cooking experience interesting.

If the thought of painting your cabinets a darker color makes you nervous, you can always accessorize with dark pieces like vintage kitchen knick-knacks. You could even try switching out your regular cabinet doors for glass, lessening the impact and bringing forth your sparkling glassware and lovely dishes.

Hallways and Staircases

Hallways and staircases are great places to experiment with dark color. They’re small spaces and more affordable to redecorate often. Try a deep blue or a dark shade of gray, and then illuminate it with a mirror to add depth.

If you don’t want to repaint, then hang your favorite piece of dark art. You’re not limited to what you can do on a wall, either. Strategically place a dark bench to make what is normally a pass-through area or a landing into a cozy and inviting space.

Living Spaces

Dark decor lends itself very well to drama. Elegant furniture looks great against a dark backdrop. Victorian sofas with bronze-plated arms and feet give an air of sophistication. Accessorize end tables with gold leaf lamps. Gold or bronze paint adds impact to window frames and other wall spaces.


Bedrooms welcome patterns. Checks, argyle, dots, and stripes are all very welcoming. Make your guests comfortable by using dark, relaxing colors in the guest bedroom. Dark wall colors with an accented comforter will make the room homier. Draw out some of the lighter colors in the pattern you choose with a small chair or soft drapes.

Decorating with dark color doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, it can be liberating. Overcoming your fear of dark decor opens up a whole new world of ideas for your entire home. Allow your ideas to flourish and put your unique spin on some of these ideas to make them your own. Use a bold backdrop or accessorize with dark decor to add some dimension and personality to your farmhouse.