Holiday Decor

Vintage, Farmhouse & Rustic Holiday Decor



Vibrant pops of color, holiday selections, and classic farm style will catch your eye today. Put a fresh spin on your kitchen this season and beyond with our RED BARN BAKERY collection!

Display your pies and sweet treats in true farmhouse style with our Bakery Countertop Display Cabinet. Serve up a side of festive charm with your holiday treats using our Whimsical Ceramic Santa Plates. Our Rolling Metal Bakery Cart makes it easy to keep all of your serving essentials on hand and our Scallop Base Farm Style Display Risers are great for adding a little dimension to any tabletop.



The holidays provide a wonderful opportunity to get together with our friends and loved ones. And with home accents holiday collections, you can turn your living space into a warm gathering spot for parties, dinners, or any holiday or daily celebration. From rustic Christmas ornaments to other unique holiday items, we have the pieces you need to truly turn your house into a home this season. And if you are looking for holiday decorating ideas, we have everything from wall hangings to lighting to rustic Christmas decor to inject your personality into this season’s style. Find tree decor and individualized pieces to bring out the very best in your home this holiday.

At Antique Farmhouse, our holiday collection contains the perfect assortment of holiday-themed items which bring out the personality in any home. Our design team focuses on finding pieces to suit any home, from farmhouse to shabby chic to French cottage styling. Whether you prefer a simple style or choose to decorate your space from the floor to the rafters, our decor selections are specially selected to be one-of-a-kind and to add a touch of holiday spirit to any space. We even have a “Nature’s Christmas” collection which incorporates nature-inspired pieces with traditional holiday decor, giving you the perfect seasonal selections to flatter and complement your living space. If you are searching for holiday pieces you will not find anywhere else, American Farmhouse is the perfect choice, this year and every year. Let us help you turn your home into your favorite place this holiday season.