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Farmhouse Chandeliers

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The trick to finding farmhouse chandeliers that remain faithful to your style is to select chandeliers that incorporate natural elements or ones that are not overly ostentatious. Modern farmhouse chandeliers fashioned with wooden beads or shells, rather than glass or crystal, are great options. 

Benefits of Chandeliers

Lighting fixtures serve two purposes in any room. Not only do they compensate for a lack of natural light, but choosing the proper design also ties together your desired aesthetic. 

If you have a large room to fill, you can opt for a big chandelier made out of rustic materials and neutral colors. For a small space over a dining room table, out for a smaller chandelier with geometric designs and darker hues. 

Characteristics of Farmhouse Chandeliers

The farmhouse style prioritizes natural materials and geometric shapes. Farmhouse chandeliers combine aesthetically appealing designs with functional uses. They often feature:

Find the Perfect Farmhouse Chandelier for Your Home.

Chandeliers do not have to be relegated to the dining room alone. There are small ones you can use to adorn your bathrooms or hallways. If you have a high-ceilinged room, you can use a large wooden chandelier to add character and warmth. At Antique Farmhouse, we have a tasteful selection of farmhouse chandeliers that can brighten up your household.