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From the Mayan calendar to sundials, man has used combinations of nature, science, and human engineering to track time. Conveniences such as the time display on our cellphones and smartwatches make it easy to forget the importance of the household clock as a time-measuring device. But clocks have long served society through their convenience and beauty. Despite the advances of technology, clocks have maintained their popularity through a combination of traditional practices and decorative appeal. Like antique furniture, clocks serve dual purposes as both decor and useful devices. A well-placed clock makes checking the time as easy as glancing to the wall or counter. They can be used to teach your children how to tell time, and well-made pieces can be passed from one generation to another. In this way, clocks become a physical embodiment of the practice of telling time itself. All of this, of course, is in addition to the fact that clocks make for attractive decor pieces. From large wall clocks to smaller desk pieces, the right clock can change the atmosphere of the room and can complement any home’s decor, from shabby chic to vintage to farmhouse styles. At Antique Farmhouse, we are proud admirers of clocks as smart decor choices. Clocks offer everything we love about home decor – useful, attractive choices that bring out the best in any room. We carry clocks in a variety of styles, from large wooden wall-hanging pieces to smaller distressed iron desk clocks. Our design team locates coordinating decor pieces and groups them into simple categories, making it easy to find matching pieces for your living space. If its time to look for a rustic farmhouse clock to add to your home, take a look at the options available from Antique Farmhouse today!