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Mirrors are a versatile design piece which can enhance any room, or even your entire living space. From useful placement in vanities and washrooms to decorative use in living rooms and foyers, mirrors can be placed virtually anywhere to add depth and dimension to your home. They are especially useful in smaller rooms, as they give the illusion of space and can make a space feel more open. Mirrors are more than useful additions to your home: they can also be beautiful decorative pieces in their own right. A vintage mirror can help show off a room of antique furniture, while a funky mirror can add to your shabby chic decor. Whether you use them for helping you get dressed in the morning or simply as antique decorations, mirrors are a lovely choice if you're looking to update your home. At Antique Farmhouse, we carry a stunning selection of rustic and shabby chic mirrors which are perfect for any decorative style. Whether you have an open home filled with farm decor or a small city apartment, we have the perfect mirror to flatter your space. Finding home decorations is simple with Antique Farmhouse. We carry a wide selection of pieces including wood- and metal-based items as well as more ornate and weathered options. Our design team chooses pieces that you won’t see at your local big box store or typical online retailers. This is why when you choose decor from Antique Farmhouse, you can be sure that your purchase will be unique, and will complement your home beautifully. From lighting to furniture to garden decor, Antique Farmhouse has everything you need to turn your house into the home of your dreams. Take a look at the fabulous selection of rustic and shabby chic mirrors available at Antique Farmhouse today!