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Of all of the items in your home, your table is arguably the one you could not live without. You use it for everything from stacking your groceries to serving your guests to rolling out dough for cookies. Everyday tasks such as preparing dinner, paying bills, or setting down a book all require the use of a table. We’ve become so dependent on tables that it is now customary to have one in every room: a butcher block table in the kitchen, a long table in the dining room, a coffee table in the living room, and an end table in the bedroom. Tables are also perfect for enhancing other pieces of decor, from centerpieces to runners. You can use them as part of an antique furniture collection, or add a shabby chic tablecloth to bring your room to life. As one of the most sizable decorative items in your home, your table provides you with an opportunity to show off your individual style, from farm decor in your kitchen to a French cottage-styled bedroom. As wonderful as tables can be, they can also be quite a pain if you do not have the right one. Whether you have a dining room table which is too small to serve your guests, or a coffee table which is at an uncomfortable height, updating your tables and other furniture to best suit your needs can make a world of difference. Antique Farmhouse carries a number of farmhouse tables to flatter your home and help you simplify your life. And our constantly updated inventory ensures that the table you choose will be unique to you. You rely on the tables in your home to help you display your memories and to warmly welcome your family and friends. Find the perfect table for your home with help from Antique Farmhouse!