5 Easy Steps to Set an Elegant Table That Will Impress Any Guest

When throwing a dinner party, choosing a menu is usually the first decision made. After all, it’s what brings guests to your home and to the table. However, setting the scene with the perfect home decor is just as important. Whether it’s fall and the decor revolves around autumn colors and harvest themes or it’s winter and your home is sparkling with silver snowflakes and holiday lights, the design of your home is the backdrop for any get-together. For a dinner party, it starts with setting an elegant table with these five easy steps.

  1. Choose the Color Palette

    Choose the Color Palette

The colors you choose may depend on the reason for the dinner party. For example, if you are throwing a Christmas-themed get-together, colors such as red and green are the obvious choices. While this is a fine color palette, thinking outside the box will also yield a tasteful table. A silver and blue theme would work beautifully as would an all-white scene complimented with the right holiday accessories. If you aren’t bound by rigid holiday themes, the sky’s the limit. Choose a bright color for the main pieces of your decor and compliment those with muted colors.

  1. Pick One Standout Item

    Pick One Standout Item

Once you know your theme and color palette, choosing an item to build your table decor around will help you pull the look together. Perhaps it is a large crystal vase, colorful wreath, or holiday cornucopia. You can even choose something that isn’t normally thought of as a centerpiece, such as a picture frame or easel. This item will be the star of your design and will help you in choosing the other accessories that will adorn your table.

  1. Layer Accessories for Dimension

Creating depth in your decorating is the sign of a seasoned professional. Layering your design adds interest and elegance to your table. Start with textured chargers and layer dinner plates on top. Add flair and color with napkins bound by eye-catching rings. If you really want to get fancy, print out your dinner menu on high-quality card stock and your guests will be impressed. Use the same layering technique for the centerpiece of the table.

  1. Add Natural Elements to the Table

    Add Natural Elements to the Table

Always add touches of nature to the table to give your setting an organic feel as well as an added layer of texture. Flowers are the natural choice for centerpieces because they bring in beauty and color. However, other natural elements such as pine cones, leaves, acorns, and even branches can add a unique feel to a table setting. They can also add warm tones to the color palette with earthy browns and subtle greens.

  1. Set the Mood with Candles and Lanterns

Lighting is the final touch in your quest to set an elegant table. You can make the mood of the dinner party festive with lots of bright lights scattered on the table or you can set a romantic mood with just a few candles. Be sure to choose unscented candles so as not to compete with the aromas of the food you are serving. Get creative and add small lamps or candelabra for a unique look.

When creating your design plan, always keep in mind the type of guests you are inviting into your home. Are they conservative and therefore would appreciate a classier, more subdued setting? Are they free spirits who would appreciate an over-the-top display? The goal is to make your guests feel welcome while showcasing your beautiful home as well as the thought and care that went into preparing a lovely dinner party. Whatever the theme, color, and mood you choose, you are only bound by your imagination when creating the perfect table design for your dinner party.

Set the Mood with Candles and Lanterns