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    Citron Flannel Throw Blanket
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The foundation of a great bed is the mattress and the sheets, but the cherry on the top is a nice throw. Throws add that finishing touch of warmth and softness, allowing you to snuggle in just a bit deeper. Looking for the perfect throw for your bed? We can help.

Choosing the Right Throw

What's the big deal, you ask? Why can't you have just any old throw? Well, you could. But with so many throw options, it makes sense to find the one that works for both your décor and the way you sleep. 

For example, if you have a country home you should consider farmhouse throws or rustic throws. Next, think if you tend to sleep warm or cool. Warm sleepers may enjoy a lightweight quilted throw blanket, while cool sleepers need a heavier plaid throw. Both options will add a nice touch to the room's décor.

Other possible throw choices include:

  • French country throws may be tufted cotton blankets for warmer nights or buffalo check throws for colder ones.
  • If you want vintage throws, take a look at quilted patchwork blankets.
  • For modern farmhouse throws try some faux fur or tassel or pom pom blankets. 
  • Cozy sherpa and ruffled blankets make the perfect shabby chic throws.

Whatever you choose, remember that bold patterns and colors are okay. Throws are an accent piece in the room and can be used to add spice.