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  • Cozy Up Buttercup - Best Materials for the Chilly Season

    As the weather becomes chilly, we tend to find ourselves spending more time indoors. Whether we are snuggling up in our beds or gathering around the fireplace with our families, winter is a perfect time to enjoy time in our homes with our loved ones. And when it comes to spending time warming up at home, nothing is more useful than a soft, comfortable blanket. Blankets come in a number of colors, styles, and, most importantly, fabrics. Choosing the right fabric can be the difference between freezing, resting comfortably, and overheating. The best way to avoid overheating is to use blankets made of natural fiber materials such as cotton, linen, wool, or silk, which will all wick moisture away while keeping you warm.

    Blankets are a great choice for home decor pieces, and not only because of the warmth that they provide. When you have a beautiful blanket or throw, you do not need to keep it in a closet. You can also display it, whether over a decorative hanging bar or simply thrown over a piece of furniture for a more casual look. Plus, keeping blankets out around your home makes them more easily accessible when the temperatures drop. The best home decor items are the ones which are both attractive and useful, and 100% cotton blankets fit the bill perfectly. When you find a blanket which both flatters your home and warms your guests, the benefits cannot be overstated. That is why the designers at Antique Farmhouse are proud to bring you attractive blankets which are crafted from everyone’s favorite fabric: cotton.

    The Joys of Cotton

    Cotton is one of the primary clothing and home textile fabrics in the world. The cotton fiber itself comes from the seed pod of the cotton plant, and cotton is said to “breathe,” due to the fact that it absorbs and releases perspiration and other moisture quickly. This makes cotton the perfect choice for clothing and, of course, blankets and quilts. When you choose a blanket made of cotton, you are ensuring that you and your loved ones will be kept comfortably warm.

    If you want to give your bedroom or guest room a makeover, this Pearl White Quilt Set is a wonderful choice. It features a 100% cotton quilt filled with polyester batting to keep it full and soft on your skin, without becoming too warm. It is available in a number of sizes and comes with matching shams to complete the look. The simple white color is sure to coordinate with any number of bedroom accessories and wall decor.

    If you are looking for something a little simpler, this Plaid Woven Cotton Throw makes a beautiful addition to any room. It features solid colors of red, green, and navy in a gorgeous plaid pattern. It is made from 100% cotton and is sure to keep you warm and comfortable. Use it in a bedroom for added warmth, or display it in a front or living room for some added comfort when watching television or reading a book.


    Another great choice is our Brown and Blue Plaid Cotton Blanket. It is also 100% cotton and is a natural-shaded hue sure to blend well with any furniture or home decor. It is a simple yet wonderful choice as a throw blanket or an addition to a guest or sitting room. Drape it over a couch or chair for colder nights, or toss it in a backpack for use during a picnic or to keep you warm at a baseball game.

    When it comes to choosing the perfect blankets and quilts for your home, cotton and other natural materials should be your top choices. Cotton is durable, meaning that you can rely on it to keep its shape for years to come. Cotton withstands ironing well, meaning that you can always keep it looking great. Cotton throws and blankets make a gorgeous addition to any living space, and Antique Farmhouse is proud to bring you a number of cotton items from around the world. Check out our incredible selections today!

  • Our Country Kitchen

    The kitchen is a wonderful place to show off your warm country charm. It is one of the central gathering points in our home–one where we gather to partake in good food and enjoyable conversations. Our kitchens are where memories are made, and where we gather with friends and family to share meals and memories. Farmhouse decor is well-suited for kitchens, and many country-styled items can be very useful, providing dual benefits in your home. Whether you are looking for wall decor or accessories for preparing and serving meals, you can find the country kitchen decor you need at Antique Farmhouse. Take a look at the following country items, which are sure to make great additions to any kitchen:

    The right table runner can take your kitchen from simple to simply stunning! This Striped Cotton Table Runner with Tassels is 72” long, making it the perfect size for nearly any table length. The solid red stripe against the cream background will complement any country kitchen decor. This lovely table runner can even be used during the holidays, with its simple color palette and understated design. And with its durable construction, this table runner is sure to serve you and your family for years to come.

    These Bamboo Cutting Boards have a simple, unassuming style, making them a great addition to any kitchen space. They can even be hung when not in use, turning them into wonderful little decor pieces. They can also be used for serving cheese and crackers, and their small size is great for when you do not need to use a large cutting board. Put these beauties to use, and you will soon fall in love with their simple country style.

    While you want your kitchen to be a beautiful design space, it must also be functional. That is why we love to find items which are both attractive and useful–items that give you a simple way to decorate your home without filling it with objects which serve no purpose other than to add to the overall aesthetic. This Two-Tier Wire Basket with Handle is a perfect example of how form and function can come together to simplify your kitchen storage needs. This basket is great for small spaces and can be moved easily anywhere you need it to go.

    One of the most enjoyable parts of cooking in the kitchen is actually getting to serve your family and guests! And as every good host knows, you have to prepare your canvas before you show off your art! Use this Long Wood Caddy Tray on Iron Legs to decorate your kitchen table before presenting your meal, or use it as a place keeper for between meal times. You can fill it with everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to candles. Use this versatile caddy to add a country touch to your kitchen or any living space.

    This Farmer's Market Pillow Cover is a sweet way to add a small country touch to your kitchen, or anywhere else in your home. The simple black and white colors make for a clean look, and the farmhouse style and distressed finish make this cover the perfect addition to your country kitchen.

    You cannot get any more “country” than tractors, so why not bring a tractor-style motif into your home? Fall in love with this Tractor Seat Stool, sure to give your kitchen a country kick! The stool is crafted from industrial metal and is quickly adjustable. It is an especially great choice for kitchens, as it can be lowered and put away under the table when not in use.

  • How to Add a Touch of Country to Your Home Office

    It has been said that having an office in your home can be either a blessing or a curse–or both. To ensure that your office remains an enjoyable, attractive space, you should take steps to make it feel like a standard part of your home as much as possible. That means staying in keeping with the design styles that you have used elsewhere, in order to keep your office from being a distraction from your home’s overall design. You may be wondering how to do that if the rest of your home follows a country or vintage style. The good news is that with a little help from Antique Farmhouse, you can keep your country theme alive, even in your home office. If you are in need of some inspiration, take a look at the following country-themed items, perfect for your office or any other room in your home:

    This Tractor Seat Stool is one of our most popular items. It is cast from industrial metal, and its beautiful finish ensures that it will complement any room’s decor. The seat is adjustable, making it a solid seating option or a great choice for simple decor in a corner or across from your desk.

    No home office is complete without a place to take notes and jot down reminders. This Huge School House Two-Sided Blackboard is a great way to do both while still maintaining your home’s country appeal. This blackboard hangs quickly and easily, and is double-sided for multiple uses. It is another great choice for incorporating items into your home office which not only look beautiful but also serve a useful purpose, especially in a home office.

    If you are looking for decorative items for a desk, this Sand Hourglass with Stand is a lovely choice. It comes hanging on a lovely stand, perfect for placement on any flat surface. Its soothing sand encourages relaxation–something which can be sorely needed when work gets tough. It is also a wonderful conversation starter, as the mesmerizing falling sand will catch the eye of any who see it.

    For an instant touch of country chic, this Distressed White Table Clock with Wings is the perfect choice. The simple color palette and distressed finish give this clock a unique look. Decorative clocks, a perfect combination of form and function, are always a solid design choice. This attractive winged clock is no exception, and would make a sound addition to any home office.

    Your home office is likely to be filled with books; if not, then you should consider adding to your library! Not only are books wonderful sources of both information and inspiration, but from a decorative perspective, they make wonderful additions to any room. Let these Bird Cast Iron Bookends support your books with love and beauty. These decorative bookends are both useful and aesthetically pleasing, and they are perfect for keeping the country theme alive in your office and throughout your home.

    This Pocket Watch Wall Clock is crafted from galvanized metal and has a beautifully distressed finish. This oval clock has a vintage vibe and is ready to become a focal point of your home office. Both functional and beautiful, it serves as a lovely foundation for any room’s decor.

    Working from home can be a great boon to your family life. Encourage yourself to feel comfortable in your home workspace with these incredible design selections from Antique Farmhouse. We have the country chic items you need to turn your house into a home.

  • Seven Ways to Get the Perfect Rustic Lighting

    If you want to make a small change which will have a huge impact on your home’s decor, consider adding a new piece of rustic lighting. Lighting does more than simply illuminate a space. When chosen and placed correctly, it can strongly enhance your home’s ambience.

    This Sphere Chandelier is a wonderful choice for any room in your home. Its crisscrossing metal rings are both beautiful and functional, bathing the room in lovely lights and shadows. The chandelier holds six bulbs, and gives off just the right amount of light. The rustic framing and chain are sure to complement any home’s decor, and the dark finish makes for a streamlined look against any wall and ceiling color palettes.

    Our Wine Barrel Chandelier is one of our favorite items, and not just among our lighting selections. It features distressed wooden slats connected with a cylindrical metal base holding six bulbs. Its simple earthen colors are visually pleasing, and it gives off a soft light perfect for a dining room or even a living area. This wine barrel chandelier is also an excellent conversation starter, as its unique look is sure to capture the eyes of your family and guests.

    If you are looking for a simple lighting choice, this Oversized Glass Pendant Light is the perfect selection. It features space for a single bulb surrounded by a large 17” diameter globe, and is sure to make for quite the statement piece wherever it is placed. Its unencumbered design allows for brighter lighting, perfect for kitchens or any room in which you are seeking a simple color scheme in your lighting. Discover why glass bulb lighting is all the rage! This pendant light is an absolute beauty.

    When it comes to rustic lighting, it can sometimes be a challenge to find a piece which is feminine and attractive while still maintaining an overall rustic look. Get the best of both worlds with this Metal Cage Pendant Light with Crystals. The rustic metal cage structure gives this chandelier a solid, industrial-type appeal, while the centered ring of crystals soften that look and make for a shabby chic design focus. It truly is a juxtaposition of design styles which somehow works beautifully, coming together to create one perfect lighting piece.

    Are you looking for a lighting piece which is sure to be noticed? Look no further. This Six Light Wood and Metal Chandelier is an absolutely stunning piece, which is centered by a decorative post and surrounded by six thin curving light posts. This light must be seen to be believed, and will soon become one of the signature fixtures in your home.

    On the other end of the spectrum is this understated Metal Wall Lamp with Ceramic Shade: a simple, yet classic, piece of lighting. This perfect fixture gives off just the right amount of light for smaller spaces. It can be placed virtually anywhere, and features an industrial design which will complement any home’s decor. Use it as a reading light in an office, or choose a set to frame your bedroom.

    For a truly elegant look, this Large Wood Pendant Light would look perfectly suited most anywhere. It is crafted from stunning fir wood and features a lovely combination of light and dark finishes. It holds two soft bulbs and would make an incredible centerpiece over a dining room table, or as a welcoming fixture in your foyer. The distressed finish makes this light a great addition to your home, sure to bring out the heart of any living space.

  • ‘Tis the Season to Be Rustic

    One of the best parts of the changing seasons is the opportunity to redecorate your home for the holidays and cooler months. Whether you go all out and cover your home in lights and garland, or if you take the simple route and just display a couple of items, fall is a great time to reconfigure your home’s decor.

    Decorating your home for the fall and winter months should be a personalized task. Rather than simply going to big box stores and buying the same decorations that you can find anywhere, you should look for unique items which reflect both the beauty of the cooler months and your own personal style. Wreaths are a wonderful choice for autumnal decor. They come in a number of lovely styles, colors, and patterns, and can be hung on any wall or door, or even used as tabletop decorations. The best wreath choices will last you for years, giving you a solid investment piece which also flatters your home beautifully.

    Cotton wreaths and boxwood wreaths are the perfect choices for understated elegance this season. Take a look at the selections below, and find the perfect wreath for your holiday home.

    This cotton wreath is a true statement piece, combining the soft beauty of cotton with the artistry of an incredibly-crafted piece of decor. The wreath is visually stunning, as the white of the cotton is contrasted with the darkly-hued stems. At 26” in diameter, it is adequately sized to attract the gaze of all who enter your home. Its sturdy construction ensures years of use, while its simple, timeless style is sure to complement any home’s decor.

    Bring warmth & joy to your home this holiday season with rustic holiday decor from Antique Farmhouse!

    But the strongest attribute of this wreath is its versatility. While wreaths are often thought of as cold-weather decor choices, this wreath’s universal style makes it wonderful for display year round. Use it on your primary doors to provide a warm welcome to friends and family, or on any interior door or wall to enjoy a touch of nature indoors. Cotton is a true staple of Americana decor, and this wreath is a gorgeous way to show your love of this incredible textile. Add this wreath anywhere in your home to bring your style to life.

    Another favorite is this beautiful boxwood wreath, which adds both depth and color to any living space. Its luscious green color makes it highly visible wherever it is placed, and it is sure to be admired by all who see it. At 24” in diameter, it is a perfect size for any wall or door. It makes a lovely choice for seasonal decor, or it can be used year-round as a tribute to the beauty of Mother Nature.

    Boxwood Wreath | Antique Farmhouse

    This preserved wreath is designed to undergo years of use while preserving its shape. Its streamlined style makes it visually stunning without overpowering your existing decor. This wreath has a universal look which is sure to complement any home style, from American Farmhouse to Shabby Chic. It is a great way to bring in the fall and winter without detracting from your home’s natural beauty.

    These wreaths are wonderful as complementary pieces to other autumn and winter decor, or you can use them on their own to welcome the cooler weather in style. Give your home a seasonal makeover with a cotton or boxwood wreath as you surround yourself with both love and loved ones this holiday season.

  • The Finishing Touches to Your Rustic Garden

    As we decorate our homes, we sometimes forget that our gardens, and our yards in general, are actually the first opportunity that we have to welcome friends and loved ones. A rustic garden is a wonderful way to add serenity to your life while also incorporating beauty into your home. With a few special touches, your rustic garden can quickly become one of your new favorite decor opportunities.

    But what exactly does the term “rustic” mean when it comes to decorating your garden? The simplest way to define this design style is with pieces which seem to blend well with their natural surroundings.

    Take, for example, this Crow Water Fountain, which sets the stage for any rustic garden. Its distressed style gives it an antique look, while the water flowing through the crows’ beaks adds the element of sound to your garden experience.

    Add the final touches to your rustic garden with a crow water fountain from Antique Farmhouse!

    Remember that your garden, like any part of your home, is more than a vehicle for welcoming your guests. It should make you feel comfortable and relaxed, and inspire a sense of wonder. Your home should truly be one of your favorite places on earth. And even as the weather cools, you can make plans to turn your garden into the rustic space of your dreams, giving you a welcoming spot to return to each day. This crow water fountain is a wonderful way to do just that.

    In addition, there are a number of other rustic options which can be used in conjunction with the crow piece, or which would stand well on their own to give your garden that special touch. You can find interesting pots for your plants, or even other complementary water features to express your personal style. Take a look, for example, at the following rustic garden pieces, specifically chosen to bring your outside space to life. Each of the following pieces add both whimsy and a beautiful aesthetic to any garden, and can bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.

    Accentuate your shabby chic garden with pieces like this antique tea kettle bird house from Antique Farmhouse! Items such as these lamps and candle holders add more than beauty to your garden. Just as the crow water fountain gives you the sound of flowing water, these lantern options can add soft light to any day or early evening. Even these simple touches can be just what your rustic garden needs to turn it into the outdoor space of your dreams.

    Bring some lighting into your rustic patio with these shabby chic lamps & candle holders from Antique Farmhouse.

    A rustic garden is exactly what you make of it. From smaller pieces to large water fountains and other displays, your garden is an extension of your home, providing family and guests with a glimpse of what is inside. And as the weather warms each spring, you can turn your garden into additional living and gathering space to allow you to commune with nature.

    Your garden’s decor should be an extension of your own personal preferences. From shabby chic to American farmhouse styles, the right garden pieces can give you the feeling of home, even when you are outdoors. As you build your own rustic garden, consider adding a water feature such as the crow fountain to give your home the special touch it deserves. Also, remember that working in the garden itself can be a wonderful source of harmony and relaxation. Tending to your garden and adding personalized decor can turn a decorating task into a truly enjoyable experience. Choose your perfect decor, and find your own rustic garden today!

  • Three Reasons Everyone Loves Wine Barrel Chandeliers

    Wine Barrel Chandelier | Antique Farmhouse

    Home decor preferences can vary widely from one person to the next. But certain fixtures seem to strike a chord among decorators and homeowners alike, and quickly become the go-to selections for a number of home sizes and styles. Wine barrel chandeliers are one of those pieces. Refurbished styles are all the rage right now, and these incredible chandeliers make it easy to see why. A wine barrel chandelier reminds you that everything old can become new again. It showcases your home with a classic combination of wood and metal to give you a visually-pleasing yet simple fixture sure to catch the eyes and hearts of all who see it.

    While you have your own personal decor preferences, wine barrel chandeliers are classic pieces which are popular among fans of a number of design styles. Here are three reasons why everyone loves wine barrel chandeliers:

    1. Wine barrel chandeliers look great in any room.

    This wine barrel chandelier features six wooden slats fastened together with a metal ring. It holds six candelabra bulbs to provide the perfect amount of light for any space. It makes an incredible addition to your dining room, giving you the perfect amount of light for everything from a dinner party to balancing your checkbook. It can be placed in a foyer as a wonderful welcome to both family and guests alike. Best of all, while this chandelier is unique, it is also timeless. It is sure to look good even as your style preferences change. That means that you can place this chandelier in virtually any space and be confident in the knowledge that it will flatter your home for years to come.

    1. Wine barrel chandeliers are wonderful conversation starters.

    One of the most enjoyable parts of the home decorating process is finding pieces which are both functional and unique. Wine barrel chandeliers are the perfect combinations of both. This chandelier is guaranteed to capture the attention of your guests while flattering your own individual style. And given mankind’s continuing affection for wine throughout the centuries, the popularity of this chandelier should come as no surprise. While you never want decor which is overpowering or ostentatious, you also don’t want your decorating efforts to go unnoticed. This chandelier features just the right balance of beauty and individuality to pique the interest of all who see it. A wine barrel chandelier hung over your dining room table makes a wonderful centerpiece both for the room and for the conversation.

    1. Wine barrel chandeliers create a beautiful aesthetic.

    While wine barrel chandeliers are beautiful fixtures, their primary purpose is to bring light to your home. This light does that and more. The combination of the slats with the metal ring produces an effect which is unrivaled by other chandeliers, making this a unique choice for any home. The six bulbs give off just the right amount of light to be visually-pleasing yet also subtle, creating the perfect ambience for any living space. Its understated design makes it suitable for pairing with any home’s decor. From shabby chic to French farmhouse, this wine barrel chandelier will flatter your home and add depth and distinction to your decor.

    Whatever your reasons for choosing a wine barrel chandelier, you are sure to be pleased with your selection. From dinner parties to slumber parties, this fixture is certain to serve as a lovely backdrop to all of your life’s activities. From its beautiful appearance to its soft lighting, the wine barrel chandelier is a solid choice for any home.

  • How to Incorporate Spherical Chandeliers into Any Room in Your Home

    Metal Sphere Chandelier | Antique Farmhouse

    The lighting styles that you choose can have quite an impact on your home’s overall atmosphere. Chandeliers are always a lovely choice, but with the number of options available, it can be difficult to choose a fixture which perfectly suits your home’s style. The right chandelier will flatter your home’s existing decor while giving each room a look of its own. You also need to find a fixture which is well-made, will last you for years, and is simple enough not to become outdated as your preferences change. Unlike wall hangings or tabletop decor, light fixtures require a bit more effort to change; therefore, you should take your time in making your choice. The good news is that with the wide variety of lighting options available, you are sure to find a chandelier which will look great and will provide your home with soft, beautiful light.

    When it comes to choosing a chandelier for your home, a sphere chandelier is the perfect choice. This chandelier is crafted from six metal rings surrounding a base which holds six lights. The combination of the soft lights and the metal spherical rings creates a lovely shadow effect around the room. This light fixture is sure to create a beautiful effect which will warmly welcome your friends and guests, and can be placed in any of the following rooms in your home.

    Dining Room

    Of all of the rooms in your home, the dining room is the one which is most popular for the spherical chandelier lighting choice. This makes sense, given the purposes of this room; the dining room is where we welcome guests for dinner parties or sit down with our spouse to talk about our day. It is where we do homework with our children and open our Christmas cards. The lighting in your dining room needs to be bright but not overpowering, and the fixture itself should catch the eye but not overpower the space. This chandelier is the perfect choice for any dining room, and is sure to make a lovely addition to one of the most family-centered rooms in your home.


    Your foyer is the welcoming point for the rest of your home. The lighting in your foyer is very important, especially as you enter your home at night. For many, the light in the foyer is the first that they see upon entering the home, and this lovely chandelier is a perfect choice for combining beauty with functionality.


    If your home had a heart, it would be in the kitchen. The kitchen is where you prepare meals for your family and teach your children to cook. It is the room for holiday cookies and Thanksgiving turkeys. The importance of quality, attractive lighting in your kitchen cannot be overstated. This sphere chandelier provides the perfect balance of light and shadow to give you a beautiful overall effect that will make your kitchen more welcoming than ever.

    Choosing decor for your home should be an enjoyable process. When choosing a light fixture, it is helpful to keep your home’s overall style in mind. A spherical chandelier is an understated yet attractive fixture which will give any room in your home an immediate style upgrade. As you shop for home decor, consider choosing a spherical chandelier for your living room, foyer, kitchen, or any room in your home where you need to add both light and beauty.

  • How to Give Your Home a French Country Look

    How to Give Your Home a French Country Look | Antique Farmhouse

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  • Tractor Seat Stools Add Country Charm to Any Home

    Tractor Seat Stool | Antique Farmhouse

    After the hustle and bustle of a long day, it’s nice to come home to a space that provides you with comfort and relaxation. One of the simplest ways that you can achieve a comfortable atmosphere in your home is by incorporating design elements which demonstrate and flatter your personal style. Country chic decor is all the rage right now, and tractor seat stools are an incredible furniture piece which add a touch of farmhouse style to any living space.

    The best furniture pieces are those which are unique but which do not overpower your existing style. These tractor seat stools are the perfect example of furniture which is understated but also one of a kind. This stool is sturdily crafted from solid metal and is sure to stand up to years of use. Use them in your kitchen to capture the eyes and hearts of your family and guests. Tractor seat stools are a great idea for smaller spaces and even temporary seating, as their adjustable height and trim profile make it easy to place them under tables and into corner spaces.

    Using farmhouse decor is a perfect way to shop outside the big box stores and to give your home its own unique style. Farmhouse decor is defined by simple, uncluttered furniture and simple designs which give your home that lived-in look. Incorporating pieces such as these tractor seat stools is a great way to get the most for your decorating buck, as they are both aesthetically pleasing and serve a useful purpose in any room. They look incredible whether used to accompany a butcher block table in your kitchen or dining room, or as standalone seating to accommodate guests.

    Farmhouse style is an American-born design originally built out of necessity. The term describes a home design layout which suited the way of life of the American farmer and his family. It incorporated materials which were readily available in order to facilitate the busy lives of those who found their livelihoods on the great plains. Farmhouse style is unpretentious, and values recycling everyday materials into new items as a way of respecting the simple values of early American life.

    Tractor seat stools are but one example of farmhouse decor which will complement any living space. Smaller items such as housewares and wall decor add to the style, and are great pieces to add anywhere in your home. These pieces mesh well with a number of other design styles, including traditional, Southern, modern, and even industrial. Best of all, due to its minimalism, you only need a few well-placed farmhouse items to make a big difference in your living space. Tractor seat stools are a great way to accomplish just that.

    If you are looking to restyle your home, whether in a single room or in multiple spaces, consider adding some farmhouse decor pieces such as these tractor seat stools. They are a wonderful investment which will serve your family for years to come. These tractor seat stools are solidly crafted furniture pieces which are sure to become one of your home’s favorite decor items.

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