Revamp Your Aesthetic with Shabby Chic Dining Room Decor

From foyers to bathrooms to bedrooms, we spend a good amount of time decorating our personal spaces. But when it comes to spaces shared with our loved ones, no room rivals the dining room. The dining room is the place where we bring family and friends together to laugh, tell stories, and just enjoy each other’s company. It is also, of course, the space where we share meals, from holidays and Sunday dinners to after-school snacks and early morning breakfasts. From reading the paper with your coffee to helping your child with her homework, the dining room is a space that brings you and your family together.

Given the importance of your dining room in your daily life, it is important to decorate it using a design style that lets your personality shine through. You want your dining room to be comfortable and inviting, yet still decorative enough to welcome guests. One incredible choice for dining room style is shabby chic farmhouse decor. Shabby chic features eclectic collections of purposefully mismatched pieces, a style of choosing decor based upon how it makes you feel. Antique Farmhouse decor has always been perfect for dining spaces, evoking a sense of nostalgia and warmth. It has its roots in country homes of the past, built with natural materials and using purposeful pieces. Bring the two together, and you have the perfect look for any living space.

At Antique Farmhouse, our designers find incredible pieces from around the world and bring them together for a simple shopping experience. Here are two of our collections that will help you bring your love of farmhouse decor to life in your dining room. Our Farmhouse Cafe collection, for example, is perfectly suited for flattering dining rooms of all shapes and sizes.  From vintage decor to functional trays and stands, our farmhouse kitchen options are always chosen with you in mind.

If food is your focus, try our Breakfast Nook collection. These pieces are focused on the simple pleasures of enjoying a meal together, whether it is morning coffee with your spouse, or a simple lunch with a friend, these pieces are perfect for intimate spaces. From stoneware to table runners, you can find the decor pieces you need to truly bring your dining room together.

This Vintage Style White Stoneware Pitcher, for example, is a beautiful piece for any dining room or kitchen. It is made of stoneware and comes in a gorgeous country white. Available in two sizes, these pitchers can be used for milk, cream, or even just for enhancing your decor.  Pieces such as these can give your home depth, and can draw attention to the spaces you love the most.

White Ceramic Pitcher

Don’t forget about textiles! These striped linen curtains give your dining room that perfect farmhouse touch. With a simple color scheme and a soft color palette, they make a spectacular addition to any kitchen or dining space. And for a shabby chic touch, don’t try too hard to match these pieces with others in your home. Start with decor items which bring a smile to your face, and you’ll soon create a style all your own.

Blue and White Striped Kitchen Curtains

Remember that the Farmhouse Cafe and Breakfast Nook collections are just a sampling of our pieces for your home. Dining and kitchen pieces in farmhouse and shabby chic styles abound here at Antique Farmhouse, where we have brought our love of country home decor to the masses. Whether you are upgrading an entire space or simply looking to add some depth to your decor, decorating in shabby chic and country styles is simple and fun. Farmhouse accessories, for example, make for an instant style upgrade. A weathered chandelier is a simple addition that can truly change the character of your space. And with everything from picture frames and table runners to furniture and lighting all in one place, you can redecorate any room in your home with ease.

If you are looking for something unique that you cannot find at your local big box store or online warehouse, Antique Farmhouse is your perfect partner for incredible decor. Take a look around – you’ll soon be enjoying the dining room of your dreams. With some country home decor and a bit of love, you can create a dining room that everyone will love to see and use.