Use Faux Plants For Accent Decor

If you do not consider yourself to be a fan of fake plants or flowers, that is probably because you have not seen this decorating choice done well. It is true that cheap flowers can look painfully fake and out of place. But when high-quality products are well-presented, the end result can be breathtaking. With a little bit of guidance and a dash of inspiration, faux plants can quickly become one of your down and dirty design staples. Here are a few suggestions for giving faux a go:

  1. Give them some love.

Everyone knows that one of the biggest benefits of artificial plants is their convenience. They do not need to be watered or regularly replaced. But that does not mean that you should forget about them, either. Like any decor piece, fake plants will collect dust over time. Nothing takes a faux piece from beautiful to blah faster than leaving it covered in dust. So make sure that you include your plants in your regular cleaning regimen.

Another consideration is to think about whether you want your plants to actually pass for the real deal. If you do, then you should make sure to place them in places where plants would actually grow, or to switch them around often if you are using, say, faux clipped flowers for a vase. If you would prefer pieces which are often understood to be artificial (such as year-round fern wreaths), then their placement can be more about your personal preference. Our Fern Valley Collection has some incredible fern-themed pieces, or you can find other simple choices throughout our site.

Remember that with faux plants comes the benefit of longevity. Quality fake florals are a worthwhile investment, as they can last for years and be used in every room in your home. But many faux plants, like their natural counterparts, require special care. Watch for excessive sunlight, which can cause fading, and always follow the care instructions provided.

  1. Don’t overdo it.

This suggestion works well for any decor piece, but can be especially important for silk flowers and other faux plant decor. Simple, well-placed pieces can truly carry a room. If you have a penchant for trying too many pieces at once, then try storing some decorative plants and changing them out to keep your rooms looking fresh. This Vibrant Tulip Bundle is a fun example of how one faux plant choice can really make a big difference in your living space. These beauties look real, but should be swapped out frequently if you want to maintain the illusion of real flowers. These are but one example of the many real-looking floral options we carry, with new choices being added all the time.

Faux Tulip Flowers
3. Stick with a style that works.

Your home decor style should define your accessories – not the other way around. You should decide what type of room style you wish to use, and then build your options from there. Whether you prefer farmhouse decor or a French country style, you can find decorative artificial plants which will help to bring out the best in your decor. This is where you can start to expand your thinking as to what constitutes a “faux plant” for decorating purposes. The goal does not always have to be to appear real.

Faux Burlap Tea Roses

For example, take a look at these 3 Stem Burlap Tea Roses. Clearly, the burlap is not going to fool anyone into thinking that these roses are real. But “tricking the eye” is not the goal. Instead, these beauties are crafted with the intention of flattering the existing decor. The classic style looks incredible, whether placed in a vase or draped over a mirror. By deciding upon your home’s decor before choosing a faux plant, you can get the most out of your choice.

At Antique Farmhouse, we pride ourselves on carrying some of the most beautiful home decor items you can find anywhere. Our designers gather simple, attractive pieces into themed collections for your convenience and inspiration. Our faux plant options include everything from wreaths to centerpieces. With the right artificial plants and flowers, you can instantly upgrade your home’s style. Let Antique Farmhouse prove that artificial can be beautiful with our lovely faux plant accessories for your home.