Organize Your Home With Kitchen Hanging Racks

The kitchen is more than simply the room you use to cook your meals. Your kitchen is essentially the engine of your home. The work you do in the kitchen keeps your home, and all who live in it, running smoothly. Your kitchen is where you gather with friends, make memories, and color Easter eggs with your children. It is, of course, primarily designed for cooking, but your kitchen truly does so much more.

It is precisely the fact that you do so much in your kitchen that can lead to it becoming excessively cluttered. As new gadgets hit the market and your family's food preferences change, you find yourself adding more pieces to your kitchen. All of those items need to be put somewhere. By incorporating storage and organization strategies, you can more easily and efficiently use your kitchen. Smart organizing pieces such as pot racks and wall hanging pieces can save counter and cabinet space while streamlining your kitchen. A hanging wine rack, for example, serves double duty by saving space while putting your favorite wines on display.

Best of all, organizing your kitchen does not require sacrificing style. You can find decorative pieces of vintage kitchen decor with clean lines and unobtrusive detailing, allowing you to maximize your space without minimizing the look of your shabby chic kitchen. A hanging pot rack does more than free up your current storage space – it also adds visual depth to your kitchen. Plus, it puts all of your pots and pans within sight and makes them easy to reach. And after they have been used and washed, putting your pans away is easier than ever. Gone are the days of crouching down or straining to reach your stacked pots and pans just to find that the one you need is on the very bottom.

Even if you do not consider yourself very “handy,” hanging a pot rack is usually a relatively simple task. It is important to locate your ceiling joists, which may or may not be spaced at the traditional wall stud distance of 16” apart. You can use the hanging part of the rack (the chains) to decide what “drop,” or length, the pot rack should be. This will depend on the height of your ceiling and the arm reach of your “cooks.” You also want to check the horizontal axis of the rack using a lever to make sure that it is being hung evenly. If you are having issues making it level, an additional turn or two of one of the hanging screws will usually do the trick. With all of your most important cooking tools easily within reach, you will wonder how you ever got by without a hanging rack.

Rolling Pin Hanging Pot Rack

If you love the idea of a hanging rack but want something simple to install, consider this Rolling Pin Hanging Pot Rack. It features a single hanging point for easy installation, and the decorative rolling pin makes it a unique piece of decor. Its design is industrial with a farmhouse touch, making it an easy addition to any kitchen space. Plus, the central part of the rack uses metal wires, making it a useful shelf for non-hanging items. This hanging pot rack is perfect for kitchens of all shapes and sizes, and with over 20 hanging hooks, it is of ample size to store everything you need.

Rustic iron wall plate

Hanging pot racks are wonderful for your pans, but what if you need storage options for your plates? This Rustic Iron Wall Plate Rack is the answer. It is crafted from durable iron, and is strong enough to hold even the heaviest plates. It is a simple yet attractive design, making it a wonderful choice both as storage and as a decorative piece. You can place this hanging rack on any wall, instantly giving you an accessible way to reach your plates, rolling pins, etc. Use it in conjunction with the pot and pan rack for optimal organization. Imagine all of the space you’ll save with your pots, pans, and plates no longer cluttering your cabinets.

Wooden wine rack cubbies

For those of us who have not been blessed with a wine cellar, our red wines usually end up being stored somewhere in our kitchen. While wine makes for an attractive presentation, it can take up a lot of space and look cluttered when not stored properly. These Wooden Wine Rack Cubbies are a simple yet attractive way to store your wine while keeping it easily accessible. They come in six rack styles that can be combined so as to encompass your entire collection. Each cubby has a vintage-style metal tab that can be used for labeling.

With Antique Farmhouse, organization can become beautiful. Use our convenient yet attractive storage options to keep the engine that is your kitchen running smoothly.