Our Favorite Farmhouse Table Top Décor Recommendations

Your tabletop decor speaks volumes about you and your personality. The stylish arrangements you so diligently plan on your shelves, tables, and credenzas create visual appeal and could be considered a form of art.

Believe it or not, these collections of random items you may have lying around the house play an important role in every room, from the living and dining rooms to the guest quarters or master bath. They support the tone of the room, make it look well thought out and beautifully styled while keeping it full and sophisticated.

Consider these ideas when decorating your tabletops and shelves to add flavor to your favorite spaces.

The Best Spot

Don’t waste a beautiful decoration in the corner of the room where no one can see it! Pick a place that has visibility, no matter where you are seated in the room. Enhance your favorite piece of furniture with knick-knacks and gems like these small metal stool shaped pedestals.

You can adorn these pedestals with tiered candles or other items with multiple heights and layers to add depth. Layer other things like books and other collectibles to add dimension and texture to your living room, office, or den.

Bring Life

Live plants add zest and excitement, making the room vibrant. Plants also look great at varying heights, so leafy plants are perfect for adding layers to your decor. You don’t have to have a huge plant in the corner of every room, but small succulents are sweet and go great on things like this wood and tin three-tier tray or amid the books on your shelf.

Plants and people thrive on light. Even if you don’t have plants in the room, you should add elements of light. Natural light is always preferable, but cozy lamps and warm candles will do the trick and add ambiance. They also draw attention to the other tabletop decor, like this distressed painted metal pedestal that is perfect for displaying candles.

Fill It With Stuff You Love

The purpose of displaying things on your tabletops is to show them off because you love them. Don’t worry about what matches or looks good. If you love it, you’ll enjoy it no matter what. Let your tabletop decor grow with time as you find unique and unusual items you want to display, like this vintage-inspired scale calendar.

Display your favorite items in a room where you gather a lot to celebrate life, family, and friends. The kitchen or living areas are always the best places to personalize your decor because you will see it every day and your guests will see it every time they come over.

You can create a truly shabby chic look with rustic elements and keep your displays from getting stagnant. As you add in new trendy elements and retire old ones that have fallen out of popularity, you’ll find that your room remains sophisticated instead of stale.

Not Too Cluttered and Not Too Sparse

Depending on your taste, you may want to have several objects in the center of your table, creating a lot of energy, or you may want to keep it minimal and modern. Items packed too closely together could look too busy, while items too far apart might seem like you forgot to clear off your table.

Play around and find your sweet spot by rearranging and then leaving it for a while. Remove things you don’t like and reconfigure the things you do. You’ll find what you like in time and the more you bring this type of decor to other rooms, the more you’ll learn what works.

Be flexible with your tabletop decor. To truly achieve the look you want takes time and patience. These items are living pieces of your decor, so move them around, rearrange them often, switch old out for new, and keep it fresh.

Your farmhouse decor can easily change to something shabby chic, or your rustic decor can become vintage inspired with just a few changes here and there. Your guests will always be surprised, and you’ll never get bored.

Manipulating your tabletop decor is a great way to freshen up an entire room without spending a fortune on new furniture or flooring. Experiment and have fun with it. You can’t go wrong. As long as you like it, it’ll be perfect for any room.