Bringing Back Rustic Farmhouse This Winter

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Nostalgia and the holidays go hand in hand; there is just no way around it.  Holiday celebrations are sure to leave you reminiscing with loved ones about those memories and moments from a by-gone day.  And why shouldn’t they?  These are great opportunities to celebrate what is ahead while remembering the past.

Facilitating the Nostalgia

One sure way to help facilitate all the nostalgia is by bringing back the rustic farmhouse decor to your home.  Start by filling your home with vintage décor that reminds you of your childhood or a time that you view fondly.  To help you begin on this journey to the past, we have gathered a few select items for your consideration.

Vintage Santa Clauses

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This trio of Santa Clauses definitely feels reminiscent of a European styled holiday from the nineteenth century.  With their elegant look, they will add true rustic farmhouse nostalgia to your fireplace mantel or to the centerpiece of a table.

What could be more iconic of the mid-twentieth century than felt figurines?  This felt Santa Claus and companion reindeer dog will have you sipping hot cocoa and watching movie classics with family in no time.

If you prefer a more standard look to your Santa Claus décor, then try this 3-foot tall Santa Dummy Board.  It is a perfect decoration for an entryway or anywhere that you need a statement piece during the holiday season.

Vintage Trucks and Trees

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Finding the perfect Christmas tree has been a major part of the holiday experience for decades.  So, why not celebrate this rustic farmhouse nostalgic holiday pastime with a few decorative items throughout your home?

Begin with these vintage-style canvases.  This Vintage Truck canvas looks like a sign selling the perfect tree, and thus, becomes the perfect reminder to go out and get that tree for the holiday.  A canvas such as this Truck and Tree Farm wall canvas is simply exuding the feel of getting out in the brisk weather and enjoying the holiday as a family.

If you need something a little softer for the season, then try out these Vintage Inspired Christmas Pillows.  They carry through on the theme of the truck and tree farm, so would be an excellent addition to the canvases.

Vintage Signage

Another excellent rustic farmhouse addition to the vintage Santa Clauses and the Trucks and Trees is a vintage-styled sign such as this Candy Cane sign.  It is styled to look as though it comes from the early to the middle of the twentieth century and would make such a standout feature to your holiday décor.

Vintage Thanksgiving

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As we all know, Christmas is not the only holiday worth bringing out the rustic farmhouse nostalgia and the decorations.  Thanksgiving is another fabulous opportunity to do just that.  This autumnal holiday has a spark and spice all its own, and therefore, should have décor all its own.

Begin your Thanksgiving decorations with some wall décor.  This can be a fun new look especially when you have choices such as this Truck Wood Pallet Wall Art or this Pumpkin Patch Truck Wall Art.  Together or individually, these pieces will embellish your walls with the feel of Fall.

Just like the Christmas decorations, Thanksgiving decorations are not limited to just the walls.  Try changing out the pillows on your living room sofa with these options.  This Buffalo Check Pumpkin Truck Pillow will certainly blend well with any of the Thanksgiving wall art previously mentioned.  And so the Pumpkin Truck Pillow is not alone, pair it with this Buffalo Check Pumpkin Pillow and this Pumpkin Season Pillow.  All these cushiony homages to the season are guaranteed to bring to mind many beautiful memories of holiday celebrations from years ago.

Vintage Accessories

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Not everything used to decorate during the holidays must explicitly state that it is there for Christmas or Thanksgiving.  Some items are excellent choices as an accessory to the rustic farmhouse holiday décor because they can hint at the season without being overt.  At times, this is what the best memories are made of – just a little nod to the nostalgia.

To add in some non-seasonal accessories, be sure to use items that will complement your other decorations without overshadowing them.  Something such as this set of Vintage Inspired Flower Vases would be the perfect solution for displaying flowers all year around.  This means they will not take away from the mums to celebrate Autumn or the holly and ivy used as a Christmas arrangement.  Simply and versatile - that is a perfect combination.

Another great way to accessorize your seasonal arrangements is through vintage glass.  Use one or several of these Glass Bottle Vases or Glass Cellar Bottles either to display floral items, marbles, or wine corks for a look that will transcend any season.

The Power of Nostalgia

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It is quite evident that nostalgia is powerful and keeping alive beautiful memories is the goal of most families.  Vintage décor is just one way to enable you to reminisce together.