5 Dos and Don’ts for a Rustic Home Makeover

Vintage home decor is a popular style that can be suitable for almost every kind of home. Rustic furniture, rugs, and other decor make wonderful conversation pieces and add an air of whimsy and may remind your home’s visitors of days gone by, when their own homes were filled with items that are now considered vintage. If you want to redesign your home in this fashion, there are a few dos and do-nots that you may want to keep in mind as you choose items for each room of your home.

  1. Do Consider Wall Art Size

    Rustic wall art

Rustic wall art can give any room in your home that extra touch of color to accentuate the surrounding decor. However, before you choose individual items, consider your wall size. If you have a large space to fill, you may want to choose a larger print, as smaller selections may become lost in the surrounding space and make it appear disproportionate. If the space is not as large, you may want to group several smaller matching items, such as birds or botanicals. You can arrange them in groups to form a square or line them up evenly over a piece of furniture, where it can draw the eye to that item.

  1. Do Not Ignore Rug Size

    Dining Room circular rug

The items you place in a room can make it appear too cluttered or smaller than it actually is, such as floor coverings. While you might be tempted to add rustic-themed rugs to every room in your home, it is important that you consider the space first. Choose larger area rugs for the dining room and den, while smaller selections might be more suitable for your home office or a child’s bedroom. Space your rug with the edge tucked under a bed or couch or, if you choose a rustic rug with lace or fringe edges, place it in front of a doorway where visitors can appreciate its appearance as a whole piece.

  1. Do Mix Textures

    Different textures bedroom decoration

One of the greatest benefits of rustic design is the wide variety of textures the items offer. From textiles to woven seagrass to wicker and more, the choices are almost endless. Mixing textures in each room pulls focus to each item and prevents the space from looking too bland. For example, mixing textures for curtains, wall hangings, and pillows for your bedroom can give it a rich and vibrant feel that you will be glad to visit each evening.

  1. Do Not Create Clutter

    Rustic decor

Vintage or rustic tabletop items are often irresistible and you might want to add them almost everywhere you have available space, but it can be important to avoid clutter. Too many pieces in a small space or that overcrowd a table can appear distracting or messy. Space out items carefully and remember that for purely decorative items, less is often more. Accent canisters and bowls can add both beauty and functionality to a space, but if you choose to mix and match, remember that you need not take up every inch of a table or shelf.

  1. Do Make Colors Pop

    Rustic decor dining area

Some vintage and handcrafted items, such as those found at Antique Farmhouse, feature bright colors that can add vibrancy to any room. You can make these pieces stand out even more by placing them against a neutral background, such as a white or beige wall. Adding one or two items to a rustic shelf that sees sunlight part of the day can also help them stand out. Group like colors and avoid overcrowding walls or shelving.

Indulging in a rustic home makeover project can help you recall fond memories of your childhood and allow you to recapture the feel of a simpler time. Keeping a few simple tips in mind as you select and arrange items may prevent some common decorating errors and give your home a vintage feel that everyone can appreciate.