Country Style Kitchen Ideas We Know You'll Love

The kitchen is a wonderful place to show off your warm country charm. It is one of the central gathering points in our home–one where we gather to partake in good food and enjoyable conversations. Our kitchens are where memories are made, and where we gather with friends and family to share meals and memories. Farmhouse decor is well-suited for kitchens, and many country-styled items can be very useful, providing dual benefits in your home. Whether you are looking for wall decor or accessories for preparing and serving meals, you can find the country kitchen decor you need at Antique Farmhouse. Take a look at the following country items, which are sure to make great additions to any kitchen:

The right table runner can take your kitchen from simple to simply stunning! This Striped Cotton Table Runner with Tassels is 72” long, making it the perfect size for nearly any table length. The solid red stripe against the cream background will complement any country kitchen decor. This lovely table runner can even be used during the holidays, with its simple color palette and understated design. And with its durable construction, this table runner is sure to serve you and your family for years to come.

These Bamboo Cutting Boards have a simple, unassuming style, making them a great addition to any kitchen space. They can even be hung when not in use, turning them into wonderful little decor pieces. They can also be used for serving cheese and crackers, and their small size is great for when you do not need to use a large cutting board. Put these beauties to use, and you will soon fall in love with their simple country style.

While you want your kitchen to be a beautiful design space, it must also be functional. That is why we love to find items which are both attractive and useful–items that give you a simple way to decorate your home without filling it with objects which serve no purpose other than to add to the overall aesthetic. This Two-Tier Wire Basket with Handle is a perfect example of how form and function can come together to simplify your kitchen storage needs. This basket is great for small spaces and can be moved easily anywhere you need it to go.

One of the most enjoyable parts of cooking in the kitchen is actually getting to serve your family and guests! And as every good host knows, you have to prepare your canvas before you show off your art! Use this Long Wood Caddy Tray on Iron Legs to decorate your kitchen table before presenting your meal, or use it as a place keeper for between meal times. You can fill it with everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to candles. Use this versatile caddy to add a country touch to your kitchen or any living space.

This Farmer's Market Pillow Cover is a sweet way to add a small country touch to your kitchen, or anywhere else in your home. The simple black and white colors make for a clean look, and the farmhouse style and distressed finish make this cover the perfect addition to your country kitchen.

You cannot get any more “country” than tractors, so why not bring a tractor-style motif into your home? Fall in love with this Tractor Seat Stool, sure to give your kitchen a country kick! The stool is crafted from industrial metal and is quickly adjustable. It is an especially great choice for kitchens, as it can be lowered and put away under the table when not in use.