8 Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas

Your farmhouse kitchen needs to be as warm and comforting as the food that’s made in it, while also matching the aesthetic of the rest of your home. Although you may not have social gatherings in your kitchen like you would in the dining room, it’s still important to make your guests feel welcome when they enter, even if just to grab a bite. 

8 Farmhouse kitchen design ideas

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  1. Furniture 
    1. Use hardwoods including oak, pine, and maple
    2. The more natural the appearance, the better
  2. Color Tones
    1. Neutral paint in cabinets and furniture, including chalky or milky white
    2. Using blacks, whites, and natural browns mix well together
  3. Storage
    1. Weathered open shelving from natural materials and display everyday plates and drinkware
    2. Use wicker baskets as floor storage pieces
  4. Space
    1. Large and open
    2. Islands in the center for cooking space
  5. Decor
    1. Display antique items including glassware, candle holders, signs, and more
    2. Ensure there’s texture in your materials: distressed wood, aged metals, shiplap
  6. Lighting
    1. Natural light should take priority over ceiling or table lights
    2. Use industrial lighting pieces that incorporate raw materials or exposed bulbs
  7. Clothes & Towels
    1. Antique linen towels, cloths, and napkins sit on the table nicely
    2. Colors should be muted and natural
  8. Plants
    1. Grow your own herbs right in your kitchen, serving both the practical and the aesthetics of the space
    2. Adds a sense of natural color, matching with the wooden materials and blacks & whites