Cozy Up Buttercup - Best Materials for the Chilly Season

As the weather becomes chilly, we tend to find ourselves spending more time indoors. Whether we are snuggling up in our beds or gathering around the fireplace with our families, winter is a perfect time to enjoy time in our homes with our loved ones. And when it comes to spending time warming up at home, nothing is more useful than a soft, comfortable blanket. Blankets come in a number of colors, styles, and, most importantly, fabrics. Choosing the right fabric can be the difference between freezing, resting comfortably, and overheating. The best way to avoid overheating is to use blankets made of natural fiber materials such as cotton, linen, wool, or silk, which will all wick moisture away while keeping you warm.

Blankets are a great choice for home decor pieces, and not only because of the warmth that they provide. When you have a beautiful blanket or throw, you do not need to keep it in a closet. You can also display it, whether over a decorative hanging bar or simply thrown over a piece of furniture for a more casual look. Plus, keeping blankets out around your home makes them more easily accessible when the temperatures drop. The best home decor items are the ones which are both attractive and useful, and 100% cotton blankets fit the bill perfectly. When you find a blanket which both flatters your home and warms your guests, the benefits cannot be overstated. That is why the designers at Antique Farmhouse are proud to bring you attractive blankets which are crafted from everyone’s favorite fabric: cotton.

The Joys of Cotton

Cotton is one of the primary clothing and home textile fabrics in the world. The cotton fiber itself comes from the seed pod of the cotton plant, and cotton is said to “breathe,” due to the fact that it absorbs and releases perspiration and other moisture quickly. This makes cotton the perfect choice for clothing and, of course, blankets and quilts. When you choose a blanket made of cotton, you are ensuring that you and your loved ones will be kept comfortably warm.

If you want to give your bedroom or guest room a makeover, this Pearl White Quilt Set is a wonderful choice. It features a 100% cotton quilt filled with polyester batting to keep it full and soft on your skin, without becoming too warm. It is available in a number of sizes and comes with matching shams to complete the look. The simple white color is sure to coordinate with any number of bedroom accessories and wall decor.

If you are looking for something a little simpler, this Plaid Woven Cotton Throw makes a beautiful addition to any room. It features solid colors of red, green, and navy in a gorgeous plaid pattern. It is made from 100% cotton and is sure to keep you warm and comfortable. Use it in a bedroom for added warmth, or display it in a front or living room for some added comfort when watching television or reading a book.


Another great choice is our Brown and Blue Plaid Cotton Blanket. It is also 100% cotton and is a natural-shaded hue sure to blend well with any furniture or home decor. It is a simple yet wonderful choice as a throw blanket or an addition to a guest or sitting room. Drape it over a couch or chair for colder nights, or toss it in a backpack for use during a picnic or to keep you warm at a baseball game.

When it comes to choosing the perfect blankets and quilts for your home, cotton and other natural materials should be your top choices. Cotton is durable, meaning that you can rely on it to keep its shape for years to come. Cotton withstands ironing well, meaning that you can always keep it looking great. Cotton throws and blankets make a gorgeous addition to any living space, and Antique Farmhouse is proud to bring you a number of cotton items from around the world. Check out our incredible selections today!