Country Home Office Ideas to Try Now

It has been said that having an office in your home can be either a blessing or a curse–or both. To ensure that your office remains an enjoyable, attractive space, you should take steps to make it feel like a standard part of your home as much as possible. That means staying in keeping with the design styles that you have used elsewhere, in order to keep your office from being a distraction from your home’s overall design. You may be wondering how to do that if the rest of your home follows a country or vintage style. The good news is that with a little help from Antique Farmhouse, you can keep your country theme alive, even in your home office. If you are in need of some inspiration, take a look at the following country-themed items, perfect for your office or any other room in your home:

This Tractor Seat Stool is one of our most popular items. It is cast from industrial metal, and its beautiful finish ensures that it will complement any room’s decor. The seat is adjustable, making it a solid seating option or a great choice for simple decor in a corner or across from your desk.

No home office is complete without a place to take notes and jot down reminders. This Huge School House Two-Sided Blackboard is a great way to do both while still maintaining your home’s country appeal. This blackboard hangs quickly and easily, and is double-sided for multiple uses. It is another great choice for incorporating items into your home office which not only look beautiful but also serve a useful purpose, especially in a home office.

If you are looking for decorative items for a desk, this Sand Hourglass with Stand is a lovely choice. It comes hanging on a lovely stand, perfect for placement on any flat surface. Its soothing sand encourages relaxation–something which can be sorely needed when work gets tough. It is also a wonderful conversation starter, as the mesmerizing falling sand will catch the eye of any who see it.

For an instant touch of country chic, this Distressed White Table Clock with Wings is the perfect choice. The simple color palette and distressed finish give this clock a unique look. Decorative clocks, a perfect combination of form and function, are always a solid design choice. This attractive winged clock is no exception, and would make a sound addition to any home office.

Your home office is likely to be filled with books; if not, then you should consider adding to your library! Not only are books wonderful sources of both information and inspiration, but from a decorative perspective, they make wonderful additions to any room. Let these Bird Cast Iron Bookends support your books with love and beauty. These decorative bookends are both useful and aesthetically pleasing, and they are perfect for keeping the country theme alive in your office and throughout your home.

This Pocket Watch Wall Clock is crafted from galvanized metal and has a beautifully distressed finish. This oval clock has a vintage vibe and is ready to become a focal point of your home office. Both functional and beautiful, it serves as a lovely foundation for any room’s decor.

Working from home can be a great boon to your family life. Encourage yourself to feel comfortable in your home workspace with these incredible design selections from Antique Farmhouse. We have the country chic items you need to turn your house into a home.