How to Properly Decorate a Small Hallway

Now is the time to embrace those areas of your home that are often left neglected or are labeled as a lost cause that will always just be “good enough.” Take the time to transform them from boring, blah, or even downright unkempt into a space you can be proud of.  One of the most often forgotten places in a home are small hallways or entryways that can see huge improvement from just a few touches of vintage style décor or other home design elements.

But that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. These spaces—while lacking in size—don’t need to lack character or style. They just need some smart and strategic TLC to get them looking their best.

When it comes to smaller spaces in your home, there are a few key design rules to remember.

Small Space Decorating Rules

First, stick with paint or wallpaper in light, neutral tones that won’t overwhelm the space. Second, stick with décor and furniture items that are smaller and more compact so they can add personality without feeling out of place. And, third, choose furniture that both looks good and adds practical value, like a bench that opens to reveal extra storage space. By sticking with these three guidelines you’ll maximize the space you have in your hallway or entryway and make the room look its best.

If you’ve been stuck on how to best maximize a small hallway or space in your home, here are a few pieces of furniture and décor to inspire you.

Functional Storage Furniture

To make the most of a small hallway, farmhouse furniture like this fabric top storage bench is the way to go. It combines charming farmhouse style with two practical uses: a spot to sit when just arriving or leaving and a place to store odds and ends like winter clothes, spare shoes, and more.  Plus, it features a light and neutral color palette that won’t make a small space feel even smaller.

If you enjoy antique decorating ideas, this 9 drawer storage table has the perfect amount of vintage flair to dress up a small space. It has a charming and rustic design and the off-white color is ideal for a small hallway to add some extra lightness. You can dress up the top with your favorite knick knacks or family photos and then use the drawers to store whatever else you don’t want guests to see.

Small Space Décor

Just because a hallway is small doesn’t mean you should feel the need to leave it plain. Certain décor items can add style and warmth to a space without being too much for its small size. A great way to add a little personality is with antique lighting like this sphere chandelier. It has gorgeous details that draw the eye without taking up too much room in a compact hallway. In conjunction with a storage cabinet or bench it creates an inviting look that you’ll love.

Another décor element that can make a huge impact in a small space is a decorative mirror. It reflects light and the room back on itself instantly making the space feel larger—with barely any effort. This corrugated metal mirror goes perfectly with other shabby chic decorations that can make even the smallest space feel open and inviting. It has rustic charm that still feels sophisticated, perfect for a first impression when guests enter your home.

Lastly, simple wall décor is great for a small hallway because it takes up zero space yet still adds style that is unique to you and your home. A welcoming sign like this “Crazy Fun Home” framed wall art gives a whimsical element to a small space that you’ll love for years to come. Plus, wall art this like wooden frame sign has become extremely popular recently, meaning you’ll be able to find the perfect piece for your distinct style.

Don’t neglect the small hallways and spaces in your home any longer. Instead, search for practical and compact hidden décor gems that will elevate the space to a place you’re proud of. Choose from a wide range of styles like farmhouse decorations and vintage furniture to make the most of the space you have. You’ll be glad you did.