Entertain Your Guests with Rustic Wine Carts

When you picture your perfect evening with family and friends, what does it entail? Lively conversation, upbeat music, and good food? We tend to agree that that's a foundation of a pretty good social event but think there's just one thing missing—a delicious beverage or two! No party is complete without something to drink throughout the night, and you can't beat the ability of a good bottle of wine to take an event and make it feel special. But don't serve your wine any old way. Instead, set up a rolling bar cart that keeps your wine, glasses and other drinks all in one easy-to-access space.

Not only are drink carts practical but they make an equally great piece of décor to help pull a room together. They provide a sophisticated and organized way to keep together everything your guests need to help themselves to a drink. Plus, they come in a variety of styles to match any home style. If you do a lot of entertaining, or simply enjoy having unique, statement-making pieces of interior décor, a beverage serving cart could be the perfect addition to your home.

Rustic Rolling Bar Cart With Bottle Holders

One of our most popular wine carts (or bar or coffee carts—it's totally versatile) is this Rolling Bar Cart With Bottle Holders. Made of a dark, burnished metal, this cart provides just the right amount of rustic sophistication to any room. Plus, it has four wine bottle holders to ensure you have a bottle everyone will enjoy right at their fingertips. It's a great industrial bar cart for those who enjoy décor that's a mix of casual and chic for a just-fancy-enough look to work with any event. Fill it up with an ice bucket, glasses, garnishes and more to complete the look.

For those who enjoy a timeless look, you can't go wrong with a vintage rolling cart like this distressed metal option. Its distressed golden metal finish combined with wooden serving shelves feel like a blast from the past, and your guests will enjoy the fun, throwback vibe it brings to a room. Two large, flat shelves provide plenty of space for everything you'll need for an evening of entertaining. And even when you don't have guests over, you'll want to keep it out on display. We suggest filling it with your favorite coffees and accessories for a rolling coffee cart perfect for pulling out on a lazy weekend morning.

Clover Shaped Gold Bar Cart

Looking for a unique liquor cart that'll stand out from the crowd? Look no further than our Clover Shaped Gold Bar Cart. With its bright gold hue and distinct shape, it'll be the centerpiece of any party décor. Plus, its dimpled metal finish provides additional visual appeal, meaning guests will be instantly drawn to it to pour themselves a drink. And with a piece this stunning it'd be a shame to only set it out during parties. Instead, keep it out year-round by using it to display plants, photos or other decorative items so you can continue to enjoy its whimsical style.

Farmhouse Metal Tray Bar Cart

For true rustic charm, a small bar cart like this adorable farmhouse style bar cart is perfect. With attention to detail in the sweet barn animal imagery and "Farm Fresh Milk" tagline, you'll want to use this cart at every gathering you host. It's perfect for cocktails, an after-dinner coffee bar, or for holding snacks for a movie night. Distressed details add to its already charming style, making it perfect for those searching for shabby chic décor for sale. When you're not using it for parties, set it out in your kitchen to hold everything from flowers to your favorite dishes.

A wine cart is such a versatile piece of décor that provides both function and style. Look through our full collection of carts and tables to find the one that's best for you, whether that's a wood bar cart, vintage bar cart, or something in between. Adding one to your home gives it an extra boost of sophistication and guests will appreciate being able to easily serve themselves.