6 Pieces of Rustic Wood Wall Art Perfect for Your Home

When it comes to expressing your individual home décor style, there are many things you can do to give a space your signature touch. Everything from furniture to lighting works together to bring warmth and personality into a room. However, if you’re looking to add some style and update a look with minimal effort, adding some new wall art is an easy (yet impactful) choice.

One of the most popular wall art styles today is rustic wood wall décor. This type of wall art is reflective of a growing love for adding natural textures to homes to inspire a cozy, intimate atmosphere. Perhaps partially inspired by a newfound interest in reclaimed wood wall décor, these pieces tend to stray away from an ultra-polished look in favor of embracing a more casual, weathered appearance. Everything from a full blown paneled wood wall accenting a room to simpler shabby chic decorations are a part of this desire to add natural finishes to homes.

Plus, rustic wall art is extremely versatile, which means that it doesn’t require your home to have a certain style to look good. Instead, you can find wooden wall hangings to fit just about any room in your house by simply picking colors and textures that best complement the décor already in your home.

To help inspire you to try out some rustic wall décor that brings nature and design together, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite wooden wall hangings. These are all on trend right now and would make the perfect addition to your home.

Wood Framed Gratitude Wall Art Set of 3

Feeling pretty thankful for all you have right now? Then this three piece set of wood-framed gratitude wall art would be a beautiful addition to your home. These beauties feature a weathered wood frame, bright white canvas, and elegant font to display your gratitude for life’s blessings in a gorgeous way. Perfect for a farmhouse style kitchen, a shabby chic bedroom or even a bathroom that needs a little extra love, these wooden-framed canvases will become your new favorite part of your home.

We’ve got the perfect shabby chic décor for sale for anyone with a green thumb. This weathered wood and metal framed garden sign is a delightful addition to any home—especially perfect for a covered porch, sun room or any other space that you’ve filled with flowers and greenery. It looks as if it sat out in the garden for years and has a great vintage style to it, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate something with a worn-in look.

Acacia Wood Cutting Board

If your kitchen could use a little something special look no further than this adorable decorative Acacia Wood cutting board. The light tone of the wood matches just about any décor and looks especially great in a kitchen with a rustic, country style. It’s declaration of “Homemade” perfectly espouses a cook’s love for whipping up delicious, from-scratch meals that bring the whole family together.

Oversized Rustic Rail Depot Wall Clock

Want both function and beauty all in one piece of wall art?  Then this Oversized Rail Depot Clock is just what you’re looking for. A striking wooden frame surrounds a vintage style face with gorgeous details that draw the eye. Yet its colors are subtle enough to ensure its large size doesn’t feel overwhelming. Make this a focal point of your kitchen or living room for a unique twist on wood wall décor.

For a truly striking piece of wall art hang up this School House Blackboard. Featuring a rustic wooden frame around a double-sided black board, it evokes a sense of school house charm from a simpler time. This is a fun twist on a whiteboard for your home office or bedroom for writing your daily to-do list. This would also look great hung up in the kitchen or dining room to display the day’s menu. It’s an unexpected piece that provides a room with a distinct, delightful style.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t share one of our favorite ways to use wood to dress up a space and provide it additional storage—wood shelves! This attractive triple shelf is striking—light wood shelves contrast perfectly with dark metal mounts—and is a great way to display other decorative items that may be taking up too much counter space in a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. It’s a great casual addition to a room that could use some extra organization.

Are you inspired to add some reclaimed wood wall art, wooden wall plaques or other nature-inspired décor into your home? The number of different options of wood wall art to choose from is nearly endless, which means you’ll find the perfect piece to breathe some new life into your home.