Classic Farmhouse vs. Modern Farmhouse Decor

For some, nothing beats classic farmhouse look that’s warm and inviting, but others take a particular interest in the more evolved style that is the modern farmhouse. But what does that mean? What’s the difference between classic farmhouse decor and modern farmhouse decor? Let’s break each category down, then compare them. 

Classic Farmhouse vs. Modern Farmhouse Decor Infographic

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  • What is Classic Farmhouse Decor?
    • Warm, inviting, and timeless
      • Simplicity, earthy tones, and aged textures (e.g. wood)
    • Early settlers and their need for simple, yet sturdy materials and products led to this look. 
  • Attributes of Classic Farmhouse Decor
    • All-natural wood furniture, walls, and/or floors
    • Vintage-style furniture that’s weathered and worn
    • Porcelain sink
    • Iron or vintage-style lighting fixtures
  • What is Modern Farmhouse Decor? 
    • Mix of classic and up-to-date decor
      • Natural woods, neutral tones, and more minimalist
    • Evolution of classic farmhouse mixing style and practicality
  • Attributes of Modern Farmhouse Decor
    • Mix of natural materials that include wood, stone, and cotton
    • Mix of vintage and modern style furniture and texture
    • Modern and unique lighting
    • Stainless steel and industrial elements (e.g. the sink)
  • Final Comparison
    • Classic is vintage, earthy, and all-natural
    • Modern is a mix of vintage and contemporary, neutral tones, and a mix of natural resources (e.g. wood, stone, cotton).