6 Brilliant Ways to Add a Bohemian Touch to Your Bathroom Decor

You have a beautiful bathroom set up. There's plenty of natural lighting, the room is open and comfortable, and you have lots of storage space. Yet, you feel like you want to update the look. If you tend toward primitive decor, you have a lot of neutral tones in your bathroom and some vintage-inspired decorations. Some boho bathroom decor ideas have recently captured your attention, but maybe you're wondering if the two styles are compatible. Boho and primitive decors can complement one another and even occasionally overlap. Here are six brilliant ways to add a bohemian touch to your bathroom decor for a fresh look.

1. Look for Boho Bathroom Decor Ideas

Primitive and bohemian styles can coexist very well in your home, especially in smaller spaces like the bathroom, where you can clearly see how the two look intermingled. If you're not entirely sure where to start, look for inspiration online. You will likely discover that you already have many items around your home that you can use to update your bathroom decor. Some designers define a bohemian style as "carefree and eclectic," explaining that it's a style that lends itself well to an individual's whims. Layer, explore, and create a look that is entirely your own.

2. Embrace Bright Colors

One way to add a boho vibe to the bathroom is to embrace bright colors. Where the bohemian style tends toward rich, bright colors, limiting your bright colors to accent pieces or choosing more muted tones will allow you to marry the two trends more easily. Paint an accent wall, but instead of bright green, select a shade inspired by nature, such as moss or basil. Pick new linens that will pop against your neutral-toned walls and floor, or update your shower curtain and bathmat. You could incorporate color into your furniture by choosing a small display table to keep bath essentials on, or you could paint your cabinets goldenrod yellow, rust red, or smoky blue. Use stoneware berry baskets to store cotton balls, soaps, and extra toilet paper. 

3. Go Green with House Plants

The primitive farmhouse style embraces open spaces and natural light to make the indoors feel airy and comfortable. Bring in more nature by including house plants in your decor. A hanging rattan basket or clay pot for displaying plants can bridge boho and primitive styles. Look for plants that love warmth and humidity since those are the conditions they will experience in the bathroom. For example, succulents are trendy, but most don't do well in the high-humidity environment of a bathroom. Instead, many ferns and tropical plants like gardenias will thrive in a warm and moist space.

4. Select Eclectic Accents

Accents such as wall hangings and decor are where boho usually shines as its own style. Continue your rattan decor with a tiered tray for displaying bathroom essentials. This is an especially nice touch for a guest bathroom where you want to clearly display supplies for your visitors in a beautiful and organized way. Use a bamboo shelf to house towels, robes, soaps and use bamboo storage baskets for dirty linens.

5. Choose a Variety of Textures

Textures play well with both primitive and boho bathroom decor ideas. One of the most common associations people have with bohemian decor is the use of macrame. Plant hangers or other wall hangings would be the perfect way to introduce this texture into your bathroom decor. Use a metal towel rack or wooden hooks to contrast with the macrame. Terracotta wall planters can add a pop of color and more textural variety. Use care when choosing a rug to ensure that the material will stand up to water and heavy use.

6. Shop for Boho Bathroom Decor Ideas

Once you've found inspiration and assessed the decor options already available in your home, you can start shopping for boho pieces to update your bathroom. Pair wire storage boxes with patterned baskets or vintage-inspired tin vanity lights with a seagrass tray set.

The most essential quality of boho bathroom decor ideas is that they are free-spirited and flexible. Don't fret too much about getting the aesthetic "right." Instead, make sure that you love the elements you've pulled together. See what Antique Farmhouse has to offer in both its primitive and boho lines to help you create a calming, comfortable space.