4 Cozy Primitive Decorating Ideas for a Living Room

Primitive decor covers a wide range of possibilities, and different people have different ideas of what this style should look like. That’s good news for you, because it gives you flexibility to customize the style to the look you want. In general, primitive living room decor is folksy and charming. It usually uses rustic materials that look old and weathered. Primitive decor creates a warm and cozy aesthetic that many people love, so if you want to use this style in your decor, here are four primitive decorating ideas for a living room to get you started.

Think About Soft Lighting

Lighting may be one of the last things you think about when it comes to decor but choosing the proper light fixtures goes a long way in creating a primitive aesthetic. Soft lighting is more effective in a primitive space, so avoid using fixtures that give out a lot of harsh light. Candlelight provides an ideal atmosphere for primitive living rooms, so consider using this Candle Style Chandelier to give soft lighting and enhance your vision.

Using lamps to light the room is another way to avoid harsh lighting. Choose lamps with simple, rustic bases and neutral shades to maximize the effect they have on your space. This Mason Jar Lamp With Burlap Shade is a great option for soft lighting, and it also ties in a variety of textures and colors to make your living room feel primitive and cozy.

When candlelight and lamps aren't good lighting options for you, you may need traditional light fixtures. Look for styles that give off soft light to keep your living room warm and cozy.

Emphasize Texture

Texture plays a huge role in primitive decor. Most primitive decor pieces are made of natural elements such as wood. The wooden items enhance the rustic aesthetic and make your space feel warm and cozy. You may immediately think of furniture when you want to add wooden items to your space, and using this Reclaimed Wood Sawhorse Table is perfect for accenting your space in a functional way. However, you can also use wooden accents such as these wooden rolling pins or this Farmhouse Jar Utensil Caddy to tie wood into your decor scheme.

Antique or aged metal is also a popular texture for primitive decor. Use this Retro Cookie Jar or this Metal Star Wagon Wheel to give your space additional texture and contrast with the wood in the room.

While metal and wood decor items dominate the primitive aesthetic, you can add texture to your space in other ways. Use woven tobacco baskets for accents or throw a braided rug on the floor. The options are endless, just remember to use a variety of textures in your living room if you want it to have a cozy, primitive aesthetic.

Choose Earthy Colors

The primitive decor style features natural, earthy colors. Dark plaid patterns are common, but you should select deep hues that give your space a rustic, earthy feel. Deep greens, rich reds, creamy beiges and dark blues are the most common shades for primitive decor.

Focus on balance when creating a primitive living space. If you prefer a natural hue on your walls, use bolder colors for the accents. This Crow Canvas Wall Art is a perfect accent for lighter rooms. Similarly, if you want rich shades on your walls, use neutral accents such as this Desktop Note Roll.

Use Natural Accents

Natural accents are a staple for primitive decor. Choose accent pieces that depict stars, trees or crows. You can mix and match textures, but focus on highlighting special symbols when you decorate. For example, use the Country Star Wood Quilt Square Wall Art with the Country Star Euro Sham to highlight that symbol. Each item features different textures, but they made natural symbols the star accent of your decor.

Salt boxes are also popular decor items for primitive living rooms. Consider this Whitewash Lighted Saltbox house. It features the staple star for primitive decor and ties in the saltbox theme to give your aesthetic vision more depth.

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