How to Decorate Industrial Chic Style?

How to Decorate Industrial Chic Style?

Industrial chic interior design has been around for quite a while. The trend first raised its head in the late 1960s and '70s as a shortage of living space in large cities led to the reclamation of urban factories. Originally used as studio spaces for artists, soon the general public became aware of the many charms of industrial chic decor. 


The style continues to be popular today as cities still need more living space and young professionals love the industrial vibe. However, with the help of Antique Farmhouse, industrial chic can be transported to any locale, any type of home. Whether you live in a cabin in Vermont or a midwestern rancher, a touch of industrial chic may be just what your life needs. Here are some ways to incorporate this fun and funky style into your home.

The Walls

Due to its origins in repurposed factories, industrial chic loves rough and ready walls. Old factories commonly had exposed brick interior walls. If you're lucky enough to score a loft in a city, you might already have them. But even if you're living in a more traditional home, you can tear down the drywall in a small area and expose the brick. 


Similarly, it's OK to let the ductwork, pipes, and ceiling beams show. You can paint them or leave them with their own patina. Carry these style cues into your wall furnishings, as well. Rustic metal signage is a great option for adding color to your walls while maintaining the industrial vibe. 

The Lighting

Hopefully, your space has a lot of natural light. Those city lofts tend to have giant windows which is one of their main attractions. Try to capture that feeling in your home with sheer, gauzy curtains that let the light flow into the room while still providing privacy.


Of course, you'll want some ceiling lighting to enhance your natural light. Industrial chic lights are often caged or barred for a shop room look. Edison lights are also popular, especially when they are hung in a distressed metal pendant. A rustic chandelier wouldn't be amiss, either. 

The Seating

No doubt you've seen industrial-type seating and you might be wondering if it's very comfortable. While it's true that there are a lot of metal and wood bar stools out there, they don't have to define the seating in your home. 


Overstuffed distressed leather couches and wingback chairs work well in an industrial space. Don't forget to add poufs or ottomans for additional comfort. Industrial seating can also include benches with cushions, contemporary accent chairs, and textured throw pillows for even more color and surfaces. 

The Textures

It's so much fun to play with texture, and industrial chic gives you lots of room. Metal and wood are, of course, very popular. Everything from tin to copper to the oak tree that blew over in the front yard last summer is fair game. Use metal and wood on walls, ceilings, and floors. Don't forget the kitchen countertops. Stainless steel will look great there.


Metal and wood are used in furniture, too. Tables, carts, racks, and shelving look great made of cast iron and rustic oak. But lest your living space begins to look too cold or hard, find spaces to showcase softer textures. Put a kilim rug on the floor. Place chunky woolen blankets on the couches and chairs. 

The Floor Plan

Because factories were built for an unfettered workflow, they tend to be one giant open space. As these spaces were turned into studios and lofts for artists, only the most essential walls were put up. This means a true industrial loft space is one giant room with a walled-off bathroom tucked into the corner somewhere.


Recreate this feeling in your home by opening up as much space as possible. Get rid of the door between the dining room and kitchen, for example. Then declutter. Keep only your favorite pieces. Less stuff feels like more room. 

Where To Find Your Favorite Industrial Chic Accessories

Most importantly, make industrial chic your own. Antique Farmhouse can help you find the perfect industrial pieces to mix and match with what you already have, or if you're ready for a top-to-bottom redo, we can help with that too. Find your style today.