3 Simple Vintage Inspired Glassware for All

Glass is a versatile medium for almost anything. From design to functionality, glass can lend a unique and endless array of options. Collecting vintage crystal can be a fun hobby, but it can also provide dimension to your decor.

When it comes to using glass pieces, they are perfect for displaying dessert, pouring a chilled cocktail, or housing a colorful bouquet. You can’t go wrong with glass in any color scheme or farmhouse decor theme.

When searching for glass pieces to put in your home, there are some things to consider. Here are some tips for finding the ideal piece for your collection as well as some of our favorite accessories.


Collectors want the condition of their pieces to be perfect. Especially when it comes to antiques, the condition is what houses most of the value. You compromise value if your items have any damage at all.

However, if you want the piece to put on display in your home, a small chip won’t detract from the visual effect, and you still get enjoyment out of it. Along the same vein, if you plan to use the item extensively, you risk damaging it during use anyway, so a nick or scratch isn’t as big of a deal.

Some of our favorite things to display and use are these glass pedestal cake stands. They look great as an embellishment on your kitchen counter, but they are also a stylish and elegant way to display cookies, cakes, or fruit for a party.

How to Inspect a Glass Piece for Chips and Cracks

When it comes to chips, they can be easy to miss. Inspect the rim of the piece thoroughly and in good light. Hold it up to the light to check the inside and outside edges. Run your finger over the rim as well. If you don’t see any chips, you may feel them.

Chips around the rim of a display piece may not be a big deal, but chips on the edge or the base of a wine glass can significantly affect its use. Chips around the base of something like a wine glass can cause it to stand unevenly. If you have chips around the top, you could cut your lip while drinking.

Cracks can be easier to spot, but colored glass proves a bit more difficult. The layers of colored glass can hide cracks easily, especially if the fracture is between colors. Sunny window sills and other places where the temperature of the glass fluctuates often can cause these cracks.

This glass measuring cup set of two gives you an antique look while providing modern functionality. While they don’t have chips or cracks, they’re a piece that would still function well if they did, and sometimes a bit of imperfection adds character.

Are Scratches That Bad?

Well, we don’t think so! Again, inspect your vintage glassware in good light. If there’s already an intricate pattern etched into the glass, then you may or may not notice any minor scratches. The delicate floral pattern draws the eye in and ensures a long-lasting, elegant piece.

If you have a smooth piece of glass with no etching or design, scratches will be more evident, but still, provide a bit of character and personality. Especially if it’s a piece designed to be used, you may find that you don’t mind the weathered look.

Colored glass is even harder still to see scratches so you may never notice them at all. However, deep scratches are very noticeable and can damage the structural integrity of the piece, so if you plan to use it, this may not be ideal.

Clouding and Etching

While clouding and etching can’t ever be removed entirely, you can still use the piece. When wet, the appearance of clouding disappears completely, so don’t hesitate to keep your glasses clean and use them for your favorite beverages.

Clouding occurs when you leave liquid in a vessel for too long. It most commonly happens with glasses, vases, or decanters. The only way to completely remove this damage is to remove a layer of glass from the inside, which should always be handled only by a professional.

However, this mason jar canister set of five is a simple and clean way to store any of your dry items prominently for easy access. If you cook or bake a lot and spend enough time in your kitchen, you know how wonderful it is to have the most common ingredients at your fingertips. These beautiful, airtight containers are the perfect place for coffee, tea, sugar, and more.

Cleaning a Glass Item

Always use care when cleaning your glass items. Don’t use a scourer or anything with hard bristles. You would be surprised at how even the most gentle materials can scratch. Any dirt or residue caught under the cloth you use to clean your glass can scratch the surface.

Use warm soapy water and a washcloth to start. The more gentle you can be, the better. If you experience problems like clouding or discoloration, you may have to use a combination of baking soda and vinegar to get it clean.

Glass can be an excellent addition to any decor. Even if it’s slightly damaged, you can still display it and use it proudly. A smattering of pieces throughout your living room and kitchen will make a nice addition to your home, lending both beauty and simple design.