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  1. Engraved Wood Floral Wall Decor Set of 2
    Engraved Wood Floral Wall Decor Set of 2
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  2. Tiered Rattan Tray
    Tiered Rattan Tray
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  3. Modern Stoneware Cereal Bowl Set of 4
    Modern Stoneware Cereal Bowl Set of 4
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When it comes to making your spaces more beautiful and comfortable, you won’t go wrong with a mid-century modern aesthetic. What is mid-century modern? This mid-1900s style emphasizes simplicity and clean lines, which was not only trending at the time but also practical for mass production in post-World War II America. This timeless style continues to endure. Whether you’re designing your living room from scratch or refreshing a space, here are some things you should know.

The mid-century modern style is all about simple elegance without the fuss of ornate and frills. While the style was originally all about function, many buyers love the understated beauty of furnishings that are clean and well-made. Look for strong geometric shapes, especially for large pieces used to anchor a major living space like a dining room or bedroom.

One of the enduring elements of mid-century modern design is the use of wood, especially teak, rosewood, and oak. Imagine a kitchen with cabinetry featuring natural wood color or stains that resemble rich wood. The mid-century modern style also mixes materials in ways that make them shine individually or as part of a composition. Metals, glass, and vinyl are often featured in this aesthetic, especially for lighting.

One of the hallmarks of mid-century modern decor is the use of bold colors. Instead of flowery and fussy patterns, go for simple elements with bright colors that contrast beautifully. Think brightly-colored accent cushions for a sofa or wall decor that makes a statement. You may consider using a bold shade of paint or something metallic for an access wall or entryway.

The versatility of the mid-century modern style is that you can incorporate it in any part of the home, even on the front porch. Whether it’s a set of planters or patio furniture or design elements in your bathroom, the options are endless. Contact us to explore the marvelousness of mid-century modern magic for your spaces.