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“Seating,” as a general concept, can sometimes go underappreciated in your home. This often happens with pieces which are primarily used for their function, rather than for their form. Your home’s seating is decor that is also interactive. We want our farmhouse chairs, even our antique and vintage chairs, to be comfortable. Unlike art, for example, your home’s seating often must be more than just seen–it must also be felt, and used, in order for it to be fully enjoyed. The seating you place in your home will have a large impact on your family and guests. You want all who enter your living space to be greeted warmly and then offered a comfortable place to sit. Whether you are gathering around the kitchen table for wine, or enjoying holiday time with family around the fireplace, providing adequate, attractive seating is one of your most important responsibilities (and privileges) as a homeowner.

 At Antique Farmhouse, we recognize the difference that great seating can have in your home, and upon all who enter it. We offer everything from rustic antique chair designs to vintage chair styles to suit every home and interior design style. We even offer unique seating concepts, such as tractor seat stools, to give your home an individualized look. And our antique wooden chair styles keep our customers returning to Antique Farmhouse again and again. Whether you are looking for something more decorative, or something functional to use around a dining room table, we have what you are looking for. Our farmhouse chairs will complement your home while also serving as functional, comfortable seating for your family and guests. Bring out the best in your home with home decor from Antique Farmhouse!