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There’s something quaint and homey about farmhouse living room decor. Make your house feel like a home with farmhouse decor for your living room. Welcome guests to sit with furniture that makes a cozy space where everyone will want to be. Settle in for the afternoon with a great book or flip through your favorite magazines by the light of a vintage lamp. Farmhouse living room decor is much more than the furniture where you sit. While it should be comfortable and welcoming, so should the other aspects of the room. If you have cool flooring, warm it up with a neutral rug. It gives you something soft to walk on in your bare feet and makes the room feel cozier.

Place warm lighting around the room by adding sconces or table lamps. Rather than a bright ceiling light or an overpowering chandelier, you can soften the space by dimming the lights while still having plenty of light to see. Put chunky candlesticks on the mantel and books on the end tables to invite sitting and enjoying some quiet time. Display your favorite items on a bookshelf, the hearth, or in a corner to soften the edges of the room. Make sure to hang family pictures and scenic landscapes on the wall to make it feel like home and give you, your family, and your guests a relaxed feel. Create a wall of art and use canvas prints or warm, wood frames rather than cool metal. Your unique touches are what make your home special to friends and family alike. Creating a farmhouse living room decor theme is easy and fun with any items from Antique Farmhouse that bring a warm and welcoming feel to your home.