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    Floral Pattern Cotton Napkin Set of 4
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While Grandmillennial style decor is technically considered a newer design aesthetic, the style melds together the furniture and decor of yesterday with a more modern twist. Grandmillennial style has gained popularity in recent years as a bolder, homier and more eclectic alternative to home design. Casting off cookie-cutter, Grandmillennial style is a new take on your grandma's vintage style.

While there are no hard-and-fast rules about how to decorate in the Grandmillennial style, there are some common element veins that run through the design, such as printed upholstery, curtains and throw pillows, classy light fixtures and natural wood furniture. Grandmillennial style embraces all things floral and isn't shy when it comes to incorporating varying fabric textures like ruffles, lace and tassels. This trend perfectly blends already-loved items with new, inspired pieces and doesn't sacrifice beauty or functionality in the process.

When composing your design, look at your space through the lens of your childhood. What did you see in your grandmother's house growing up that would make you feel warm and fuzzy if you had it in your own house? Maybe, it was an oversized floral chair, a ruffled bedspread or a unique ceramic table lamp. Whatever you feel led to incorporate into your home's Grandmillennial design, Antique Farmhouse has what you need to turn your space into a cozy retreat that combines the nostalgia of yesterday with the modern comfort of today. Browse our wide selection for more inspiration!