Modern Vintage Bathroom Makeover

By now, you have probably seen the “modern vintage” look while scrolling through your Pinterest boards or strolling through your local home furnishing store. And perhaps you have already acquired a piece or two of modern vintage house decor for inspiration or have some items waiting in an online shopping cart that you’re just not 100% ready to commit to.

In either case, this particular décor style is not one that’s going away any time soon. In fact, the modern vintage look continues to gain popularity as people fall in love with its rustic charm. And as we’ve noticed this trend grow in areas like the living room and kitchen, we couldn’t help but think that it is also the perfect style to choose for a bathroom makeover.

Think about it – vintage shabby chic décor, complete with that well-worn look that provides just the right level of hominess to take a bathroom from “room you have to use” to “room you want to use.” This is especially true if you will be incorporating these new pieces into a guest bathroom, where the extra effort will undoubtedly be noticed by other lovers of the vintage look.

Vintage Bathroom Home Decor

There seems to be an almost unlimited number of options for finding vintage bathroom décor. But you can start small with something like a vintage wire basket to sit on a shelf or on a free corner of the floor. They’re a great place to store extra towels for guests or even toilet paper if you have a pedestal sinks, and they offer a great way to easily add a little bit of character to your bathroom without being overpowering.

Various pieces of vintage wall décor are also great for adding small rustic touches to spruce up a room when you are on a limited budget or do not want to do a full makeover all at once. Pieces like reclaimed wood shelves are perfect for adding just a touch of antique flair and provide extra space to add additional personal touches like flowers, knick knacks, perfumes, etc. They pop especially well against light-colored walls. And a mirror with a distressed metal frame provides just the amount of vintage style to give your bathroom a whole new look.

You could also try a whimsical piece of vintage bathroom art. Wooden plank signs with quotes painted on them are extremely popular, and you can find one to match almost any room theme. Or a gallery wall of quotes (or some of your favorite photos) in just-distressed-enough frames makes a great statement piece to help bring a room together and create a point of interest. Ceramic statues have continued to grow in popularity and look great sitting on a countertop or reclaimed wood shelf.

If you’re looking to spruce up the actual “bath” portion of your bathroom, there are a variety of shower curtains and curtain rods to sate the fancy of most vintage style décor fans. Plus, these are perfect for those looking for cheap vintage décor – with so many options, you’ll find one you love and that doesn’t break the bank. And for those of you who are doing a more extensive bathroom makeover project, a vintage, farmhouse-style shower curtain goes great with a claw foot tub.

Those looking for larger or bolder pieces to add to their modern vintage bathroom will have no trouble finding what they need either. Rustic and distressed cabinets and vanities are staples of the vintage shabby chic décor look and can be found through many reputable retailers. And they offer function that matches their form by providing extra space for storing the items you would rather have tucked away. Choose one in a neutral color if you plan on having other colorful items in your bathroom. Or if you want this to be your statement piece, choose a fun color (we see a lot of light blue) and muted accessories.

A final touch that can transform the look and feel of your bathroom is vintage lighting. Add some antique style wall sconces or overhead light coverings. Or choose a distressed metal finish for the light above your mirror. Special detailing like ribbed glass or a blackened tin finish set this style of lighting apart from typical bathroom styles that tend to lack personality or creativity.

With the seemingly unlimited number of ways you could incorporate the modern vintage look into your bathroom décor, there could not be a better time to do a bathroom makeover with this style. There are pieces out there to fit the needs of just about anyone – it’s up to you to explore what’s out there.