Tractor Seat Stool - Farmhouse Decor Meets Industrial Chic

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and we’re already dreaming of farmhouse decor with a touch of industrial chic. We just can’t quite make up our minds. Nothing merges those decorating ideas like a tractor seat stool. Whether you live on a farm, were raised on a farm, or are just longing for the simpler life of a farmhouse style, reclaimed industrial bar stools like a tractor seat stool will give your home the feel of an antique farmhouse.


Tractor seat stools add a certain country charm to your home, but besides adding some farmhouse whimsy by bringing the barn right into your home, these new antique metal stools are surprisingly comfortable. If you think about it, farmers - past and present - spend a lot of time on tractors. A tractor seat is contoured for a very comfortable fit.

If you have someone on your shopping list who loves the simplicity of industrial decor and the rustic style of farmhouse decor, these reclaimed bar stools are a perfect fit. Great for anyone who loves gifts with character. The neutral colored metal says industrial design while the tractor seat makes a clear farmhouse statement.

Or maybe you’re the one longing for a little farmhouse style. Maybe you’d like to recapture the fun of the good old days. These metal stools make great repurposed bar stools, but they fit well in other spots in your home as well. A tractor seat stool makes a comfortable work chair in the office or a welcome addition to any man cave.

The holiday season is the season to be a bit more frugal. Fortunately you don’t have to choose between the perfect gift, country charm for your home, and your budget. You can find exceptionally well made tractor seat stools that are just right for decorating on a budget.

One thing is certain. All of your holiday guests will want to try out your tractor seat stool. It will be a hit with grandkids, nieces, nephews, and anyone who is young at heart.