Tis the Season to Be Rustic

One of the best parts of the changing seasons is the opportunity to redecorate your home for the holidays and cooler months. Whether you go all out and cover your home in lights and garland, or if you take the simple route and just display a couple of items, fall is a great time to reconfigure your home’s decor.

Decorating your home for the fall and winter months should be a personalized task. Rather than simply going to big box stores and buying the same decorations that you can find anywhere, you should look for unique items which reflect both the beauty of the cooler months and your own personal style. Wreaths are a wonderful choice for autumnal decor. They come in a number of lovely styles, colors, and patterns, and can be hung on any wall or door, or even used as tabletop decorations. The best wreath choices will last you for years, giving you a solid investment piece which also flatters your home beautifully.

Cotton wreaths and boxwood wreaths are the perfect choices for understated elegance this season. Take a look at the selections below, and find the perfect wreath for your holiday home.

This cotton wreath is a true statement piece, combining the soft beauty of cotton with the artistry of an incredibly-crafted piece of decor. The wreath is visually stunning, as the white of the cotton is contrasted with the darkly-hued stems. At 26” in diameter, it is adequately sized to attract the gaze of all who enter your home. Its sturdy construction ensures years of use, while its simple, timeless style is sure to complement any home’s decor.

Bring warmth & joy to your home this holiday season with rustic holiday decor from Antique Farmhouse!

But the strongest attribute of this wreath is its versatility. While wreaths are often thought of as cold-weather decor choices, this wreath’s universal style makes it wonderful for display year round. Use it on your primary doors to provide a warm welcome to friends and family, or on any interior door or wall to enjoy a touch of nature indoors. Cotton is a true staple of Americana decor, and this wreath is a gorgeous way to show your love of this incredible textile. Add this wreath anywhere in your home to bring your style to life.

Another favorite is this beautiful boxwood wreath, which adds both depth and color to any living space. Its luscious green color makes it highly visible wherever it is placed, and it is sure to be admired by all who see it. At 24” in diameter, it is a perfect size for any wall or door. It makes a lovely choice for seasonal decor, or it can be used year-round as a tribute to the beauty of Mother Nature.

Boxwood Wreath | Antique Farmhouse

This preserved wreath is designed to undergo years of use while preserving its shape. Its streamlined style makes it visually stunning without overpowering your existing decor. This wreath has a universal look which is sure to complement any home style, from American Farmhouse to Shabby Chic. It is a great way to bring in the fall and winter without detracting from your home’s natural beauty.

These wreaths are wonderful as complementary pieces to other autumn and winter decor, or you can use them on their own to welcome the cooler weather in style. Give your home a seasonal makeover with a cotton or boxwood wreath as you surround yourself with both love and loved ones this holiday season.