Outdoor Decor for Your Garden and Shed

Your backyard garden is the perfect spot to experiment with antique garden ideas. Rustic garden decor gives your vines something to climb and provides a nice contrast to the bright blooms of spring.

You can also take this outdoor vintage decor to your garden shed, making it a unique place to store all of your tools, or turning it into a cozy place to gather with friends or family. Use some of these ideas to make your backyard feel like home.

Climbing and Hanging

Antique gates or rustic fence posts make unique trellises. Climbing plants will love the adventure, and it creates a nice backdrop for colorful flowers and greenery. You can find cheap metal gates at yard sales and flea markets around town, or if you prefer, you can design and build your own.

If you’re handy, you can even build wooden fence sections and then paint, stain, or distress them in any color you want. Blend in or stand out, the choice is yours!

For a truly uncommon experience, use an old ladder or step stool for your plants to climb, or stack antique garden planters on the steps. Use vines that droop or hang on the top steps, so they have room to reach. Propping a ladder up against the roof of the shed gives it a vintage, unfinished look. Or, try hanging wall planters along the wall of the shed, from the roof overhang, or off the porch for an attractive addition to your rustic landscape.


Old chairs and benches make wonderful places to relax. Gardens are meant for gathering and enjoying the scenery, so give your guests a comfortable and classy place to sit. Bookend the benches with baskets of plants or pair chairs with end tables full of flowers to tie it all together.

Furnish your old shed with an old table and chair set, so you have a place to enjoy the outdoors without being in the direct sun, or spend time in the rain without getting wet. Line the walls with rustic storage benches for all of your gardening tools.


The shed is a great place to hang vintage planters. Whether it’s on the outside or the inside, you can create a haven of rest with flowers all around. Hang large planters from the ceiling in the corners for floor to ceiling color.

Line your back deck or patio with large planters and switch out annuals every year for a different look each season. You can move them and rearrange as you see fit to accommodate changes in furniture or layout. The possibilities are endless.

Windows, Doors, and Mirrors

Gardens are a window to the soul. I may have just made that up, but I think it’s true. Your garden reflects your personality and your interests. Old windows and doors look really beautiful when used among flowers.

Build a lattice roof on top of two old doors for a rustic garden arbor. Vines love to crawl across lattice, and eventually, you’ll have a gorgeous, private space among the hanging greenery.

Strategically place mirrors on easels or against fence posts to reflect natural light and nearby blooms, brightening your garden and making it appear more full of flowers.

Hang stained glass windows for an art deco look, or, if your shed doesn’t have a window already, hang one on the outside wall. You can replace the panes of glass with mirrors to create an optical illusion. Your fake window now looks real from a distance.

You can’t go wrong with anything in a garden or backyard shed. It doesn’t cost a lot of money. In fact, the best vintage ideas are just that - vintage. Check out your local thrift store, antique shop, or flea market for more ideas.

You can make almost any antique garden ideas your own. Gardens are gorgeous places to rejuvenate and refresh, and decorating it to your own taste always turns out right if you follow your heart.