How to Pick Out a Vintage Chandelier

A chandelier is more than a piece of lighting–it is a simple, beautiful way to change the atmosphere of your entire space. When you are selecting a chandelier for your living room, dining room, or foyer, you should consider the following: the style of your space, the height of your ceiling, and the amount of light you want the chandelier to emit. The right chandelier will flatter your vintage home décor while fitting into your room perfectly and bathing it in the perfect amount of light.

When hanging your chandelier, you want to center it over your table as opposed to hanging it in the center of the room itself. Also, you should choose a chandelier which matches your home’s architectural style. You can choose more modern lighting styles, but selecting a fixture which matches your vintage style home makes it less likely that you will need to replace it every time your style preferences change. Remember that you can always add additional lighting (floor lamps, recessed lighting, etc.) if your dream chandelier simply does not give off enough light. And finally, do not worry that large spaces will always require large fixtures. Added style can make up for size. A more ornate or interesting-looking chandelier can appear larger than a simpler piece of a similar size. Here are some different vintage chandelier suggestions to demonstrate the beauty and variety that you can find in our rustic lighting selections:


Our Wine Barrel Chandelier is one of our most popular items. It features gorgeous wooden slats held together with a rustic metal ring perfect for six bulbs. It creates the perfect balance of light and shadows, and is an incredible conversation starter. It has a streamlined frame which makes it wonderfully suited for nearly any space. If you would like to learn more about this product, see our blog post Three Reasons Everyone Loves Wine Barrel Chandeliers.

For a different look, consider this Wood Beaded Chandelier. The frame of the chandelier is constructed with rustic wooden slats, held together with wooden beads and metal construction. It has a simple, earth-based style which instantly flatters its surrounding decor. This is the perfect fixture for your shabby chic home, as the wooden beads have a vintage feel but are not gaudy. Best of all, the natural coloring ensures that this chandelier is well-suited for any room in your home.


If you like the idea of a beaded chandelier but want something with a bit more color, this Turquoise Beaded Chandelier is the perfect choice. It features a single internal light surrounded by metal and wooden beads in Southwest hues. This chandelier is a simple, stunning way to spruce up your space. And the bright coloring is sure to keep your home looking joyful any time of year.


If your style preferences tend towards minimalism, this Wood and Metal Square Chandelier may be just what you need. It features a metal center pole which holds four bulbs, surrounded by a square wooden box with an X-shape on all sides. The center chain gives the chandelier an unassuming appearance, while the unique pattern makes for gorgeous lines and shadow patterns.



This Metal Floral Chandelier is a lovely way to incorporate the beauty of nature into your living space. It features metal leaves with ceramic flowers in a central “blooming” pattern. It is a gorgeous light fixture sure to become a central statement piece for any room. Try placing it in a bedroom for some feminine flair, or even in a kitchen to celebrate the majesty of Mother Nature.


Finally, for something truly unique, this Metal Chandelier with Glass Tubes is a real showstopper. It features a metal center surrounded by 32 glass tubes which both reflect and refract the light. It is an absolute beauty, and would look incredible over an industrial-style dining room table. At 21” in circumference and nearly 25” high, it is the perfect size to add incredible beauty anywhere you choose to hang it.

When it comes to finding the right light fixture, Antique Farmhouse has the chandelier options you need. From shabby chic to traditional vintage decor, our lighting and furniture selections are sure to bring out the best in your home. We carry incredible decor pieces from around the world for everything from your kitchen and dining areas to your porch and garden. We have seasonal decor for all of your party needs, from your Christmas party to your Independence Day backyard barbecue. Whatever your decor needs, Antique Farmhouse is your go-to source to help you bring out the very best in your home. Do not forget to check back frequently, as our design team is constantly adding to our inventory of chandeliers and other light fixtures for your home.