9 Ways To Cure Your Home Decor Boredom

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re going stir-crazy in your home despite your busy schedule? You may have just been staring at the same furniture and the same walls for months or years. Check out these ways that you can revitalize your space without an all-out remodeling project:

  1. Head-Turning Walls

    Color can do wonders for changing the mood of your home. A dark color in your bedroom or a dining nook in your kitchen can make the space feel more intimate. Bringing new life to a room can be as simple as painting one wall a contrasting color. Leftover wallpaper scraps can add surprising interest to a small foyer or closet.

  2. Unexpected Lighting

    A change in your lighting arrangement can influence the ambiance, creating a soft, elegant feel or bright, welcoming vibe. When dealing with limited space and absent color, try switching overhead lightbulbs with a bright pink or blue. Clear up table space by replacing lamps with low-hanging fixtures. You could easily jazz up a dark, bare corner in a room with a uniquely shaped floor lamp.

  3. Photo Art Gallery

    You can easily make your gallery wall more personal by hanging favorite images of your friends, family, or favorite vacation memories. Mix it up by varying the size of the pictures, but bring it all back together with simple, matching frames. Or, you could print black and white copies of random selections from your photo roll and use them to showcase an eclectic frame collection.

  4. Mix-and-match Style

    Juxtaposing styles can make your guests do a double-take and comment on your progressive decor style. Think opposites — hang an antique chandelier over the table in your all-modern dining room. Mix the staunch unfinished woods and aged metal of your industrial chic living room with soft, plush upholstery, pillows, and throws.

  5. Expansive Reflections

    You can do so much more with mirrors than simply making sure your clothes are straight before you walk out the door. Oversized mirrors in small rooms can make them appear much larger. The reflection of dim lanterns in a mirror can brighten a room without overpowering it with harsh light. Go for a fun infinity effect in a narrow hallway, or use a giant mirror as the centerpiece in a salon-style bathroom vanity setup for some take-home Hollywood glam.

  6. Layered Rugs

    Whether you have hardwood, laminate, or carpeted floors, area rugs are a standard option for playing up, changing the style, or bringing an area together. Pulling furniture away from your walls and placing it on a large round rug may completely alter the appearance of a room and make the space cozier. Try layering multi-patterned smaller rugs on top of the bigger ones for a bohemian, shabby-chic look.

  7. Beyond Window Treatments

    Window treatments used to be synonymous with fussy sitting rooms that no one actually used. Now, like area rugs, they are a simple yet effective way to splash color around or give a subtle finishing touch to a room. Wild patterns counter-balance neutral furnishings and clean lines and consider alternative materials like rolls of bamboo. Take curtains beyond windows and use them in place of interior doors.

  8. Grand Entrance

    You know what they say about first impressions — and revamping your foyer can be an excellent way to introduce your houseguests to your lovely home. Bring the welcoming, inviting feel of farmhouse decor to your entryway with antiqued framed prints and old wood benches or consoles. Think convenience as well; hang unique or vintage hooks on the walls at varying heights for coats, scarves, and hats.

  9. Container Gardens

    Green is rarely obscene in the context of home decor. Brightly lit rooms and windows beg for indoor gardens. Line your sills with similarly colored pots of varying heights and shapes. You can hardly go wrong with classic terra cotta in a variety of molded patterns. A row of simple white planters can move the focus from the containers to beautiful flowering breeds like orchids.

    Your home’s style needs periodic refreshment, just like your wardrobe. Whether you choose to center your style around a new piece of furniture or art or change the colors with the seasons, it generally doesn’t take too much effort to make a big difference.