Complement your Home with Functional and Comfortable Seating

I sit every day. I’m sure you do, too. Why choose to sit on drab when you can perch on fab? It may sound cheesy, but it’s true. Accent chairs, benches, and stools play a very quiet but important role in our daily lives. We use them continuously, all day, every day. It’s about time we pay tribute to the things that hold us up, literally.

No farmhouse is complete without the standard front door bench. Finding a quick place to slip on your shoes or drop your daily goods is key. It’s also a great place to relax. Having a designated spot for all the activity that happens at the front door is so important. This bench is a perfect example. With the metal base and bamboo seat, it has a rustic feel and makes a beautiful focal point for the entry of any country chic farmhouse.

Give your bench a little extra. While it can shine on its own, adding that special touch will take it to the next level. This fern embroidered pillow will had a splash of color and comfort to your front entryway. Your guests will rave about the simplistic beauty of your bench.

The average person sits for more than ten hours every day, so we tend to look for comfort and sacrifice style. There is room for both, you just have to do some searching and know what you’re looking for. Accent chairs do just what the name implies. They accent. They can sometimes hold the room together or be the focal point, drawing your eyes to it when you enter a room.

While accent chairs are fabulous on their own, they often can use some fun extra accents of their own. With the versatility you find in the patterns and textures, you don’t need to add much. Throwing a pillow or a blanket over the back can give an added punch if you feel like your accent chair needs it.

Stools are sturdy and regal. They come in all shapes and sizes, but they have a noble purpose. They are the perfect addition to any bar height table setting, but placing a single stool in a lonely corner can beckon to your guests from afar.

Even the most basic stools have their own sense of style. Some are elegant with clean lines while others possess a rugged feel. Country living wouldn’t be complete without a rustic stool somewhere in your home. This tractor seat stool adds charm to any farmhouse.

In keeping with our theme of giving your seating a little extra, let’s spruce up your stool with something that makes sense. Add ambiance with pieces that pop without overpowering your stool’s charm. A large rusty pail with some wild flowers flowing from the top or a country-themed piece of art hanging behind the stool enhance the look. If your stool by itself seems drab, add these small touches around it for some country chic charm.

Seating is often overlooked. Slow down and gaze a little longer at these beauties before passing them up. You can do more than just rest your bones. You can decorate and enhance your home.