Maximize your Space with these Farmhouse Storage Baskets

Come home and drop it all. That’s what my parents did every day when they walked through the door and I am the same way. Whatever is in my hands, on my shoulders, or on my back goes on the farmhouse bench in the front hall. Organization is a task that requires developing new habits and revamping the decor you already have in place to accommodate your organizational scheme.

Finding storage options that meet your needs and add to the charm of your farmhouse may seem daunting, but you’re in luck. Options like wood, metal, and wire, give you endless possibilities and stylish or discreet storage needs. Let’s take a look at a few items that can bring a sense of put-together style to any farmhouse.

Metal Rolling Carts

One of the best storage solutions is having fun with baskets and bins. Just like people, they come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Crates, soft baskets, metal bins, wire repositories give you plenty of versatile options. Use them in the bathroom to hold towels or toilet paper or as a foolproof solution for any under the sink clutter.

Options like this metal rolling cart are a great addition to any farmhouse space. It can be rolled and stored away when you have company over or it can be used as a fun yet serviceable place to display party items like plates and cups.

Milk Crate Wire Baskets

Wire baskets have endeared themselves to farmhouse decor for countless years, but it's an added bonus that they also provide storage. I can hardly watch an episode of Fixer Upper without seeing the fun farmhouse charm of wire baskets. They are simple, clean and functional. They have to be included in this storage line-up, farmhouse style.

Tobacco Baskets

They have style. They have grace. They have functionality. But most people overlook them. What are we talking about? Tobacco baskets, of course! They are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and can take up a lot of space if you need to add background or accent pieces to a wall. They also make an attractive storage solution.

Add them to a living room where remotes and tech items go, or even the front door entryway for keys. Place a beautiful floral fabric in the bottom so you have a place for sunglasses and other “drop at the door” items. Moving tobacco baskets from room to room is a breeze considering how they complement a multitude of environments. Side tables, buffets, and farmhouse tables can be home to any small or medium size tobacco basket.

If you somehow end up with more storage than you need, adding seasonal floral displays or textiles makes them an attractive addition to your decor until you need them for storage again.

Even the most organized people fall short in one area of the house, opening up the door for clutter. Forming better habits is key in keeping an organized space. Complementing your space with baskets is just a perk. Using these storage solutions will maximize your area without sacrificing beauty to your farmhouse decor. You can add charm while having function in your home. No need to choose. Beauty and function can co-exist, farmhouse style.