3 Unique Metal Outdoor Fountains Ideas for Your Garden

With a little cooperation from Mother Nature, nothing beats an afternoon spent in the garden. When you add temperate weather to the sights and sounds of nature, the result is a welcoming environment perfect for relaxation and reflection. A water fountain is a small piece of decor that can make a big difference in your garden without requiring a sizeable investment of time or money, making it a great choice for homes of all sizes and styles. Whether you have a large farmhouse or simply want something to spruce up your apartment patio, a garden fountain is a wonderful choice. Make your garden space your own with personalized decor, such as these three unique metal outdoor fountain ideas:


1. Folk Art Duck Water Fountain

duck figurine water fountain

Duck figurines always look great in a garden, and this is especially true for this lovely water fountain. This fountain features two ducks perched on a metal basin, with beaks which open and close as water flows through them. The result is a sweet, durable water fountain which would look perfect on any porch or adorning any garden. This duck water fountain is a wonderful choice for those who enjoy whimsical decor that is not too overbearing and that will not detract from your plants or other garden decor.


2. Folk Art Crows Water Fountain

crows water fountain folk art

If you do not have a particular affinity for ducks, then this folk art crows water fountain may be more your style. Crafted from durable metal materials, this fountain features two perched crows with beaks that open and close with the movement of the water. This fountain is solidly constructed and sure to bring you and your guests years of enjoyment. It comes with a pump and splash screen, and is easy to install for immediate use. This crow water fountain will delight both your eyes and ears with the lovely sounds of flowing water and the beautiful artistic construction of both the crows and the basin itself. A true conversation starter, this fountain would make a wonderful addition to any outdoor space.


3. Crow Bird Bath Wall Water Fountain

crow bird bath wall water fountain

For smaller spaces, or for those looking for a unique presentation style, this crow bird bath wall water fountain is a stellar choice. It is crafted from metal and features two crows whose beaks open and close with the flow of water. Unlike other freestanding water fountains, however, this fountain mounts to a wall, making it perfect for hanging near a window so that you can hear the flowing water and the opening and closing beaks even while indoors. It includes a submersible pump, and at 25 inches high, it is the perfect size to be noticeable but not so large as to take away from your other garden decor.


Incorporating a fountain into your garden is a simple way to add both beauty and sound to your outdoor space. Your garden is an expression of your time and dedication to nature–why not turn it into an opportunity to delight your guests and express your personal style as well? These whimsical metal fountains are a wonderful way to welcome both guests and family to your home, creating a relaxing environment in your garden or patio.