Spring Into Action

Its Garden time in my neck of the woods and time to make a splash of color out there! We have so many fun things right now that can be used indoors and out.


These colorful buckets will really make a fun statement and who can beat the price. Grow some fun herbs in season or a vegetable or two and use the chalkboard to label them.


Put some colorful plants on this guy and have him liven up any patio. The green with the red will really bring the plants to life and your neighbors will be jealous. Add a few candles on the top tier for some summer ambiance.


I love putting art outside, and while I know the weather can get to them if you are strategic enough you can surely find a good spot! Not only do these add some color but set up a great theme. Throw some comfy pillows one the ground and have a great Moroccan style background. Add some colorful tea-lights around to really set that mood!

Whatever your style may be, grab some color right now and remember, have fun!!
Some more gardens to inspire you:


Some backyard inspiration: