Infographic: What is Grandmillennial Style?

One key feature of this eclectic decor style is that it takes old-fashioned elements and styles them to present a fresh aesthetic. For example, floral patterns on the walls can seem outdated; however, applying bright colors in the furniture and decor pieces modernize the arrangement. Here are the other elements that answer the question: “what is grandmillennial style?”

Antique Farmhouse - What is Grandmillennial Style?

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  1. Grandmillennial Style Color
    1. Bright and vibrant colors
      1. Offsets the outdated patterns
    2. Avoid monochromatic
      1. No dark colors, especially browns
    3. Gold accents
      1. Mirrors, frames, lights
  2. Grandmillennial Style Patterns
    1. Floral 
      1. Wallpaper, lamps, pots
    2. Plaid
      1. Curtains, furniture, walls
    3. Abstract art
      1. Adds modern accents to outdated furniture
  3. Grandmillennial Decor Style
    1. Tidy and without clutter
      1. Spaced out with old and new strategically placed
    2. Embroidered linens
      1. Cloth tablecloths vs. paper napkins
    3. Upholstered furniture
      1. Patterned