Identifying Your Personal Home Décor Style

Where to start? This is a common question when you are trying to choose home décor for your farmhouse. The great thing is the choices are endless. This can also be a bit overwhelming, as you try to get to the core of what is your style and taste. It is important to explore your world. What are the things that give you joy or calm you? What kind of space do you want to wake up each morning? Comfort and functionality can also be beautiful and inviting. You want a space that speaks of who you are and is a place you want to share with others. Here are 5 great tips for discovering your personal home décor style:

  1. Use Media Tools
    Living room idea

Social media is a fantastic tool for researching home furnishings, fabric patterns, and color schemes. The visual references give a real sense of how a room can look and feel. There are also virtual home tours that give a 3-dimensional view of home interiors. You can see all the various farmhouse styles and narrow your choices. Search for a specific category like antique farmhouse, so you can see all of the variations on a particular theme.

Magazines are always helpful to spur ideas and creativity. Blogs are another great resource for learning about personal hits and misses and give excellent how-to advice from people who have made the journey.

  1. Think About Artwork
    Artwork ideas

One idea people may not readily think about is to consider favorite artwork. Artwork, whether it’s paintings, sculpture, photography, or textiles can inspire a range of exciting style options. Most people have pieces of art they treasure. Whether these are owned pieces or gallery works, the colors, patterns, vibrancy, and flow can all give a rich understanding of how home interiors can be vast canvases. It is all about what catches your eye, and the tone you want to set for particular areas of your home. Artwork has a way of giving perfect finishing touches to a space. Let that same idea guide you as you consider the décor for rooms or areas.

  1. Shop for Your Dream Décor

Sometimes getting the design right for your farmhouse means shopping for your home decor before making a purchase. The key here is variety. Decorating a home is not a static process. You may find your tastes evolve the more you contemplate choices. Give yourself the freedom to have fun and uncover new ways of thinking about your space. Shop for items that provide various textures and provide a unique take on your vision. Be thoughtful about your picks and don’t convince yourself to like things. Your gut instincts are good ones. If something doesn’t have striking appeal initially, it’s unlikely to capture your interest over time.
Usage of different textures

  1. Be a Creative Thinker

Traditional old farmhouses were filled with all types of collected items. This is what gave them character. When you decorate your farmhouse, be sure to include items that reflect your tastes. Think outside the box. You can mix and match styles that are eye-catching. Repurposing old items is always a good design technique. A lot of home design TV shows center their subject matter around using antique materials, along with more modern elements to create a shabby-chic look. Whatever decisions you make, be certain they are within your comfort zone. Incorporating old and new furnishings works, if the pieces meet with your personal vision.

  1. Choose Items and Sizes Wisely

A basic concept to remember about home décor is to not overload your space with a number of large items or too many items. When designing your space, it helps to determine certain items as the highlights and focal points. This works especially well if your tastes are eclectic, and you enjoy a lot of variations throughout your home. Sometimes it helps to create a visual placement drawing of where you will put specific things. The goal is to find the right decorative balance. Reach for a spacious design, free of clutter. Plus, you want to be able to add furnishings and other elements to your home throughout the years.
Mirrror as a focal point

Trust your instincts and your intuitions about home design. You know best how you want your farmhouse to look and feel. Use all of the tools available to help find your style. If you get stuck, you can always seek the help of a design professional. Take time to enjoy making your purchases and creating your vision.