How to Elevate Your Home's Design With Farmhouse Patio Furniture and Accessories

Farmhouse home design is rooted in functionality and has increased in popularity throughout the years. Farmhouse decor utilizes rustic everyday items, such as metal cans, glassware, dishes and the like to create a practical, nostalgic aesthetic. The weathered appearance of most farmhouse decor items embraces imperfections and, therefore, adds longevity to your pieces.

You don't have to live in the country to add a farmhouse twist to your home and this concept is not limited to indoor spaces. By extending this popular look to your patio, you can create a subtle introduction to your home's unique interior design. Whether you're considering incorporating more farmhouse elements into your outdoor design plan or you want to completely overhaul your existing decor, Antique Farmhouse has everything you need to turn your patio into a comfortable, stylish and functional space. If you want to elevate your home's design, look no further than these farmhouse patio furniture ideas.

Tables and Chairs

Naturally, you will want a place to sit outside and enjoy both your design and that of Mother Nature. When aiming for a farmhouse aesthetic, you should not settle for standard furniture. Look for things like a distressed metal and wood bistro table for relaxed breakfasts or morning coffee, an antique-inspired farmhouse bench for afternoon bird-watching or a rustic farmhouse table for hosting quiet evening meals outside.


Porch swings aren't just for porches (or kids) anymore. Incorporating large swings into back patio spaces is currently a popular design trend. If you have a good area, consider installing a porch swing or macrame hanging chair out back as a cool place to hang out.

Pots and Planters

Incorporating a variety of pots and planters into your outdoor space can add significantly more visual appeal than you might think and give guests a glimpse into your home's farmhouse design. Adding a pop of greenery juxtaposed with a neutral, earthy stoneware pot or terracotta planter can provide a soothing appeal to your space and tie in with the natural elements that surround you, turning your patio into a cozy combination of both the indoors and outdoors. If you're short on space for smaller pots and planters, consider a plant table or pedestal planter to give your greenery more surface area to spread out.

Rugs and Pillows

Your exterior decor can easily be complemented to amp up your farmhouse design by adding simple elements like rugs, doormats and pillows. In keeping with the design style, try to focus on natural, neutral materials and colors with these pieces. For example, a basic jute rug or doormat can effortlessly tie your outdoor farmhouse space together. Similarly, a simple woven yarn pillow with a touch of neutral color can be a subtle, yet effective, decorating tool. For an extra touch of consistency, try adding a couple of similar pillows to your indoor space.


No farmhouse design is complete without little decorative touches interspersed throughout. Because this design style is simplistic in nature, you don't have to try very hard to achieve the look. Focus on the materials typically used, such as metal, wood and glass. Here are a few things to consider threading into your aesthetic.


Who doesn't love a good vintage-inspired sign? Adding just a few metal or wooden signs to the walls around your patio can be just enough to add a new layer of dimension to your design.

Tabletop Decor

To create a good balance of metal, wood and glass, choose some tabletop elements made of each material for your patio. Try incorporating things like small metal buckets, distressed wooden serving trays and glass vases of fresh or faux cut flowers into your design plans.

Bird Houses

Birdhouses make a perfect addition to this style of decor because they can incorporate both wood and metal elements. Not only will this feature fit with your overall farmhouse design, but it will also provide a safe place for birds to raise their young. As a bonus, you may even get a front-row seat to watch the beauty of nature unfold.

Elevating your home's farmhouse design by extending into your outdoor space shouldn't be complicated. After all, farmhouse design is rooted in simplicity! At Antique Farmhouse, we pride ourselves on bringing you a wide array of farmhouse-specific furniture and design elements. We would love to help you make your patio space one that you long to come home and visit. Please contact us if you have any questions. We're here to help!