4 Tips for Creating Furniture for a Farmhouse Aesthetic

Many people love using farmhouse decor in their homes. Not only is this decorating style cozy and beautiful, but it can also be mixed with other trends to create a unique and personalized aesthetic. You can buy furniture to match a farmhouse aesthetic, but one popular trend is to refinish modern furniture to give it a vintage style. If you are looking for farmhouse furniture ideas, here are four tips for making furniture match the farmhouse asset.

1. Repurpose Pieces

One major benefit of the farmhouse decor trend is that it favors repurposed pieces of furniture. You don't have to buy an entire set of matching furniture to get the look you want. Use a rustic trunk as the coffee table to increase your storage space. Repurpose large metal buckets to form the frame for end tables. The options are endless, but if you keep your unused furniture and think of creative ways to repurpose it, you can save a lot of money when you redecorate your home in the farmhouse style. Furniture pieces such as the modern tufted storage bench show how easily items can be repurposed.

2. Prioritize Natural Wood and Metal Pieces

Texture plays a huge role in the farmhouse aesthetic. Using pieces that have wood or metal elements is preferred for farmhouse decor. You can find many pieces that are composed entirely of either material, but there are also many options that are made of both metal and wood. Accent your favorite room with metal and wood furniture to create a rustic look and give this space some texture. You can blend metal and wood furniture with other natural materials such as leather on your couches, but prioritize traditional farmhouse elements to get the aesthetic that you want. You can find inspiration from pieces such as the farmhouse living round accent table.

The beauty of the farmhouse aesthetic is that all of your furniture doesn't have to match for you to achieve the look you want. You can mix and match metal end tables, wooden coffee tables and leather couches to create a beautiful living space, so you don't have to buy every piece at the same time. You can find furniture pieces to use as farmhouse decor at yard sales and thrift stores just as you can find suitable pieces from major retailers. The end result will be unique to your needs, but make sure metal and wood are prioritized if you want a farmhouse look.

3. Choose Neutral Colors

Many types of modern furniture pieces come in bold colors, but the farmhouse style prefers muted, neutral shades. You can accentuate with pops of color in earthy tones, but it is best to choose neutral hues for your furniture. Opt for white, cream, beige or black furniture to create the aesthetic you want. Pieces such as the classic cottage chandelier and Tudor-Inspired console table can give you inspiration on mixing neutral tones.

If your living space looks too monochromatic when you opt for a single neutral hue with your furniture, accent your room with pops of color. Stick with earthy tones that compliment your farmhouse furniture. You can also accent your furniture with colorful hardware to make it stand out.

4. Use Simple Hardware

Farmhouse furniture is simple and rustic. There is no need to choose elegant hardware for furniture pieces that need knobs or hinges. If you need to purchase hinges to refinish a piece of furniture in a farmhouse, look at simple gold hinges. If you're searching for knobs, look for rustic wood or gold ones that will be functional yet simple.

If you want the farmhouse look, it's best to steer clear of silver hardware. Out for gold or black hardware instead to get the ascetic look you want. Get inspiration from pieces such as the modern cottage nightstand or the weathered zinc breadbox.

There are many styles and options for furniture that will help you achieve a farmhouse aesthetic. If you are looking for modern farmhouse furniture ideas, Antique Farmhouse is ready to help. Our showroom features a wide variety of furniture pieces with a farmhouse style, so visit us today to browse our inventory or browse our website to see the furniture we have to offer. Contact us today with any questions you have about farmhouse furniture.