How to Create a Shabby Chic Bathroom

When it comes to your personal home style, there are so many factors to take into place. You’ll probably spend quite a few hours—even days—trying to decide on the furniture you want in your living room, the type of dining set that will make a statement in your kitchen, and the perfect entryway pieces to make your home seem warm and inviting to guests. But one thing you might not immediately think of? Your bathroom décor.

These forgotten spaces shouldn’t be left plain but instead should be an extension of the overall style of your home. After all, even if the bathroom doesn’t seem as important, it is a room you (and likely guests) will be spending time in. Adding some unique bathroom decorations give it a bit of warmth and personality; it will simply make spending time getting ready in the morning, relaxing in a bath after a long day, and everything else more pleasant.

One of the hottest trends in home décor right now is the shabby chic style. This interior look is all about embracing rustic, casual vibes that still feel charming and sophisticated. Often, pieces of shabby chic décor will feature vintage styling or a more natural feel that’s easy to incorporate into your home.

If your bathrooms could use some updating or are just in need of one or two pieces of décor to give them a boost of style, here are some shabby chic bathroom ideas that will get you feeling inspired!

Shabby Chic Storage

Round Metal Wall Shelf With Chicken Wire

Functional and stylish? Swoon! This metal wall shelf will bring a ton of personality into your bathroom and also provide the perfect spot to store containers with cotton swabs, extra toothbrushes, cotton balls, and more.  You won’t need to worry about a lack of counter space anymore! Or use them for displaying your favorite flowers—a surefire way to make the bathroom one of your favorite rooms in the house. These shelves are made from a dark weathered metal and chicken wire for a shabby chic look that’s effortlessly cool.

Black and White 2-Tier Shelf

If moveable storage is more your thing, you’ll adore this Black and White Two-Shelf Cart! It’s perfect for a smaller bathroom that might feel crowded with a closed cabinet (or only has a pedestal) and offers plenty of space to store bathroom essentials like towels, tissues and more—just get a few opaque containers for those items you don’t want guests to see. The rustic and weathered look of the ivory shelves is the epitome of shabby chic style. And the contrast of the black frame gives it just a touch of sophistication. It’ll be the perfect addition to your bathroom home décor.

Bathroom Counter Décor

Ceramic Bunny Cotton Ball Dispenser

There’s no easier way to add some new personality to your bathrooms than by finding charming items to add to your counter (plus, they’ll inspire you to help keep it neat and tidy!). This adorable Ceramic Bunny Cotton Ball Dispenser is an ingenious way to combine both function and whimsy into one piece of décor. The design of the bunny is simple with just enough detail to give the figurine some personality. And the off-white color will go with just about any color scheme. If you want some shabby chic bathroom ideas that will bring a smile to your face this is definitely one of them!

Metal Crown Candle Holder

If something a little more subtle and sophisticated is a better fit for your style, then you’ll love this Crown Candle Holder. Made of dark, burnished metal that manages to look both upscale and rustic at the same time, it will be the perfect piece to add some beauty to your bathroom counters. Add one in each corner of your counter and switch up the candles with the changing seasons for a low-maintenance, highly pleasing visual. You’ll enjoy them for years to come.

Don’t let your bathroom home décor be forgotten amongst the other rooms of your home. This essential space can be a continued reflection of your personal style and feel like so much more than a room you have to use. With just one or two carefully chosen unique bathroom decorations you can have the shabby chic bathroom of your dreams!