8 Farmhouse Bedroom Decorating Ideas for a More Cozy Space

Farmhouse Bedroom Decorating Ideas for a More Cozy Space

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Nothing says comfort like coming home from a long day and collapsing in the bedroom at night. But what if you could push the cozy aspect further? Here are a few of our own farmhouse bedroom decorating ideas:

  1. Implement Artwork
    1. Adding art pieces to the walls that speak to your personality. Alternatively, add a mural to the walls.
  2. Add Some Vintage
    1. Whether it’s furniture, wall decor, nightstands, or anything else, a vintage flavor brings nothing but warm vibes.
  3. Creatively Use the Space
    1. For smaller bedrooms, opt for a larger bed while removing nightstands and lamps while adding mounted lights.
  4. Know Your Patterns
    1. Understand what you like and don’t like in patterns. Keep it simple and minimal so as to not overwhelm the space.
  5. Go for Neutral Colors
    1. Make the base colors of your bedroom neutral, allowing for an assortment of color accents in pillows, curtains, and artwork.
  6. Embrace Minimalism
    1. Less means more in your resting space. Don’t let the room become too busy or cluttered, which could keep you from relaxation.
  7. Add a Touch of Coastal
    1. Who doesn’t want to bring the beach into their home? Add a touch of coastal decor as an accent to your farmhouse aesthetic.
  8. Increase the Warmth
    1. Warm colors, quilts, soft throw blankets, and all the pillows. More comfy means more cozy.


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