Bringing Farmhouse Beauty to a Mobile Home

When it comes to style, mobile homes often have a less-than-stellar reputation. People think of them as plain boxes with basic finishes and no sense of personality. Of course, it doesn't have to be this way. With a little planning and the right accessories, it's not hard to transform a simple space into a place you'll love. Check out how to make a mobile home look like a farmhouse, from the outside in.

Start with Outside Decor

Start with outside decor

Your home's curb appeal is a critical part of the impression it gives and sets the tone for what you will find inside. While it may seem like a mobile home will always look plain, you can make some changes that will go a long way.

Start with the color of your home. You may want to consider painting the exterior. A clean white body with black trim helps to give your mobile home that farmhouse look. The simple palette transports you to a simpler time.  You may also be able to install wood accents outside for a country look.

Also, add accents like flower boxes and rustic planters around the exterior. Consider growing a few easy vegetables if possible for an authentic farm feel. A bonus is finding a way to add a bit of covered porch space with a simple deck and awning. Bring in a few comfy chairs and outdoor tables and you'll have a wonderful outdoor living area.

Use a Consistent Color Palette

To create your farmhouse mobile home, you need a great color palette for your interior. Farmhouse style is all about simple and soft colors. Painting is a great way to transform a space, even a mobile home. Consider off-whites and soft grays for your walls. While you may not be able to bring new floors into your space, rugs are a great way to add farmhouse colors.

Add bits of color with light accessories like pillows in soft shades of blue to create interest in the room while still keeping the farmhouse look. You also want to use neutral curtains that still let light into your space.

consistent color palette

Pick Rustic Furniture Pieces

When you think about how to make a mobile home look like a farmhouse, you have to take furniture into consideration. Sometimes farmhouse-style pieces tend to be large and a bit bulky. That may not work in a tighter space like a mobile home. However, you can still find great rustic furniture that adds to your theme.

Save space with a smaller, free-standing island in your kitchen or dining space. For the living area, skip a big coffee table. Instead, invest in smaller accent tables and side tables that you can place around the room and shift as needed. You can still have plenty of places to place drinks and lamps without cluttering the room.

Add Soft Textures

Your farmhouse mobile home wouldn't be complete without paying attention to texture. Start with the fabrics you pick for the house. You can find great seating options upholstered in linen or other soft materials to bring a cozy feeling into the area. Find nice throws and blankets to go on your couches and chairs to add to that sense of warmth.

soft textures

Remember to bring a bit of texture to your walls as well. Artwork with soft lines and colors with distressed frames are perfect for a farmhouse feel. You can also find vintage posters or old window frames that have been repurposed and use them as art. Items like this help set a relaxed mood throughout the entire home.

If you love a rustic style, you don't have to give it up just because you are moving to a mobile home. Even in such a simple environment, your farmhouse aesthetic can shine through in the way you decorate and accessorize your home. As long as you keep the overall theme in mind as you build your design, a farmhouse mobile home is a goal you can definitely achieve.

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