Bringing Farmhouse Style to Your Kitchen Table

For many people, creating the perfect farmhouse feeling in your home invokes a sense of comfort and coziness. Your spaces are all about family and togetherness and set the stage to make memories that last a lifetime. It only makes sense to bring that mood into the heart of your home by adding a farmhouse feel to the kitchen table where the family gathers and shares meals and stories.

Here's how to redo a kitchen table farmhouse style.

Pick a Great Farmhouse Style Table

The most important element of a farmhouse-style table? You guessed it, the table! Farm tables tend to be heavy and solid. They're whole pieces of quality wood that take you back in time. The bases or legs can vary, so you can find a design that works for you. In a home with a busier design, stick with simple and straight legs. To make the table more of a focal point, you can look for something that has carvings on the base. If you can't get an antique or an heirloom, look at a reclaimed farmhouse table with a rustic finish.

You do have the option to put a twist on the table with paint. Consider a fresh coat for the base or legs in a color that matches the rest of the home. And get a table that will seat all the people you need to accommodate. Since the tables are usually made of solid pieces of wood, they can't be expanded easily.

Find a Seat for Everyone

Now that you have your table, you need something to sit on. To really embrace the farmhouse feel, see if benches would work for your space. Benches speak to the farmhouse aesthetic with their simplicity and practicality. You can match the wood of the bench to the wood of the table for a cohesive look, or mix and match woods and stains to create more interest. Benches also are a fun way to seat more people.

If you'd rather use chairs, choose a classic design that will fit in with your look. Think simple lines that may have decorative elements carved into the legs. An option with nice cushioning and neutral colors will make the space super comfortable and inviting. You could also do both benches and chairs! Use the benches for the long sides of the table and place the chairs at the ends.

Set the Table

Now that we have our furniture, it's time to add some softer touches. Decide if you want a tablecloth or just a table runner. A full table cloth will protect your table and add texture to your room, while a table runner lets the beauty of your table shine through. Look for soft fabrics, like woven cotton. This will maintain the casual feel of the kitchen table. And this is an element where you can add color. Tablecloths and runners are easy to switch out, letting you change styles with the season.

Just as important as the table cloth are the table settings. Begin with a charger that goes with your theme. You can go super rustic and get chargers that are made from wood to keep the earthy feel of the room. Or get something more traditional, like a simple stoneware set. Pair your chargers with classic dinnerware. Neutral colors work well, or you could use this element to add an extra bit of brightness to the room. Then, find napkins that fit the setting. Simple cotton napkins with small details work perfectly, or match their color with your runner to bring the entire table together.

Grab the Accessories

Sometimes people forget to accessorize their kitchen table, but this is a missed opportunity. Finding fun pieces brings personality to the table. Start at the center. Maybe a great vase could work well. You can also put a nice rustic table riser in the middle of your setting. When you're having dinner, use it to hold the platter with your main dish. The rest of the time, it's just a beautiful accessory.

Don't forget small decorations either. Choose little pieces of stoneware or small statues to go around the table. You only need a few to make the table look interesting, and they can be swapped out regularly to keep your table setting fresh and exciting.

If you need more advice on how to redo a kitchen table farmhouse style, the team at Antique Farmhouse can guide you. Come visit and work with a designer to nail down your style!